Cricket Wireless Customer Service Number

Want to switch to Cricket Wireless? Are you already a customer but have questions about the service? Welcome! Today we’ll give you Cricket’s customer service number so you can receive support in your native language.

Because Cricket Wireless is one of the largest and most popular wireless companies in the country, they have great customer service. The reason? In addition to having a call center, it has online tools, chats and face-to-face service centers.
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How is Cricket’s customer service? Do you provide care in Spanish?

Cricket Wireless works with great customer service, even before it merged with AT&T. If you are Spanish-speaking, you can get help in several ways:

  • Through the website, also available in Spanish. Cricket’s website has a helpful Help and FAQ section for customers and prospective consumers. There you can find information about the different means of payment, service recharge cards, gift cards, among others.
  • Through online chat. Cricket also has a team of Spanish speakers to help customers already interested in their services instantly. How does it work? With the online chat tool. If you have a specific question, you can use this method to solve it.
  • Via Cricket Comments. Users usually always leave comments with specific questions. Where? On the Cricket website in Spanish. If you are not in a hurry to find your answer, you can write a message in the comments section or using the form and wait for a Spanish-speaking representative to answer you.
  • Through Cricket’s customer service number in Spanish. This is perhaps the most conventional and fastest way to solve a problem or find an answer, especially if it is a complex case. Later, we will leave you the number to call.
  • In person. Cricket has partnerships with several retail stores and service centers where you can find support in addition to paying your bills. If you want to find the closest store to your home or office, use Cricket’s locator tool. With just your zip code, state or city you will be able to locate the easiest center to visit.

What are Cricket’s walk-in call center hours?

Typically, Cricket-affiliated stores have limited hours of operation Monday through Saturday, 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. m. Some stores are also open on Sundays from noon to 5:00 p.m. m. Our recommendation? Use the store locator tool and call the number that appears as a contact to confirm the hours of operation.

Cricket Customer Service Number

If you can’t visit a customer service center – and using online chat isn’t an option for you – don’t worry: there’s a Cricket customer service number in Spanish: dial 611 from mobile or 1-800- 2742538 from any other phone to find the answer you need.
Cricket’s phone hours are much longer: Monday through Saturday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm and Sunday from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm ET.

Cricket Wireless Customer Service Average Wait Time

Unfortunately, Cricket’s customer service in Spanish isn’t the fastest in the world, at least not when compared to other call centers. Generally, the average waiting time ranges from 20 minutes to 35 minutes, with the average being 30 minutes.

Now, there are ways to reduce this waiting time: by calling at the appropriate time. Based on our research, the best time to call Cricket Wireless is 9:15 AM.

What can you do through Cricket’s customer service number in Spanish?

Most of the operations can be completed online, either through the web, the user platform or the mobile application: pay your bills, recharge, request a line, check the data consumed, etc. But can you do the same over the phone? Let’s see:

  • Get service. If you need help using your wireless device, getting into the app, or completing your account registration through the Cricket platform, you can call the call center.
  • Pay or recharge the phone. Through Cricket’s customer service number in Spanish you can pay your telephone bill, either with credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards (only open circuit), Cricket recharge cards and service payment cards. Just keep in mind that you will be charged a $4 fee if you use this method.
  • Request service reconnection. Or request the connection of a new service. You can complete this task quickly and easily through Cricket’s customer service center. Of course: we recommend you have all the information at hand before calling.
  • Upgrade your phone to a newer one. You can order a new phone through Cricket’s customer service number in Spanish. However, it is much easier to buy a new phone model using the website. If you buy your phone from Cricket, you’ll receive it within one business day.
  • Migrate with your phone number to Cricket. Many people think that if they switch to Cricket they will lose their phone number, but this is not the case. You can transfer the current number to your new line. If you decide to do so, you will receive a SIM card by UPS.
  • Get an extension to pay the bill. Through BridgePay you can enjoy an additional 7 days to pay your bill. Normally, this service is only available through the platform’s chatbot, but some customers without Internet can request it through the call center.
  • Change mobile plan or wireless Internet. If the phone plan you have is insufficient – or you need to apply some tricks to save or pay off your debts – change it for another using Cricket’s customer service number in Spanish.
  • Request emergency broadband service. This almost free Internet service and connection is reserved only for low-income families. The plan – called EBB – was launched in partnership with the federal government to reduce the amount of Cricket’s monthly bill. To be eligible, your family must be at or below 135% of the federal poverty line, be a recipient of a government assistance program, be unemployed, or be a member of a tribal community.
  • Complain about a payment made that was not processed. If you made a payment online and don’t see the confirmation number, it may not have been processed by the platform (even if your bank statement shows otherwise). In this case, you can call Cricket’s customer service number in Spanish. The agent may send you an email with a list of documents you’ll need to attach to prove payment.

What other ways can I find help at Cricket?

In addition to the ways of help that we have left you throughout this post, you can find assistance through social networks. Cricket has Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. The most recommended to expose your point are the last two. In this case, the agent will instruct you to send them a direct message with your phone number and contact information. This way, they will be able to process your request.

Remember: If you received telephone attention through social networks or by telephone, ask the agent for a procedure number. Thus, you will be able to track your order or claim quickly and without complications.

Are there other Cricket Wireless hotlines?

Actually yes. But, in general, the telephone lines of the offices of the headquarters do not have a customer service in Spanish, only in English. In any case, we leave you the contact numbers in a list:

  • Cricket Wireless Puerto Rico 1-787-747-6001
  • Cricket Wireless Dallas, Texas 1-214-553-7700
  • Cricket Wireless Austin, Texas 1-512-901-9203
  • Cricket WirelessMiami, Florida 1-305-358-7725
  • Cricket Wireless Tampa, Florida 1-813-443-5169
  • Cricket Wireless Houston, Texas 1-832-830-8082
  • Cricket Wireless Atlanta, Georgia 1-404-565-0050
  • Cricket Wireless Orlando, Florida 1-407-203-8976
  • Cricket Wireless Jersey, New Jersey 1-732-370-6894
  • Cricket Wireless New York, New York 1-212-967-9070
  • Cricket Wireless Los Angeles, California 1-213-624-7000
  • Cricket Wireless San Francisco, Calif 1-415-715-8498
  • Cricket Wireless Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1-215-223-8989