Does CVS Sell Stamps

It is often asked that whether CVS sells stamps or not. Yes, every CVS pharmacy sells stamps.

If you are unable to find the stamps at store, a customer service representative is always there for you. CVS stands for “Consumer Value Service”. It is a subsidiary of the Melville Corporation. They provide all health related products. But they are not only limited to health products but they have also expanded their business widely and varieties of products are offered.

A part of the store is dedicated to the office supplies and stamps. You can ask him and he will provide you the necessary assistance related to the stamps. It is quite easy to find stamps from CVS pharmacy throughout the US because the chains of this pharmacy are spread all over the US. It has 9600 stores that are located at different locations which makes stamp shopping much easier.


How to Buy Stamps at CVS?

If you want to buy stamps and you are wondering from where to buy stamps in US, you have no need to worry about it. CVS is the best solution for you without any doubt. Branches of CVS are spread all over the USA. You can check the nearby location of their store and buy the stamps of your own choice. They sell almost every type of postage stamp that you may require. Booklets of stamps are available at the cash counter of the store. But there is a condition when you buy from CVS store. You have to buy a complete booklet of stamp because they do not sell an individual stamp. But this booklet is quite economical. If you want to buy stamp from CVS, you have to follow a queue. So when you are intended to buy from their store, be patient and wait for your turn.

Internet is dominating on everything and electronic mail is convenient for many people to wish and send greetings and it saves your time. But at the same time, there are many people who like to buy stamps online. The people who like to buy online, they will be happy to know that is there for providing this service. They can also buy stamps online while using their online app. This is quite convenient for the internet lovers.

Postage Stamps Price in CVS

Postage stamps are also available at CVS. CVS offers a booklet of postage stamps that consists of 20 stamps almost and it costs $10 dollars. These stamps are regarded as the denomination forever stamps and they cost you the same price that you pay at your post office. Postage stamps with variety of themes are available in the stores that can be historical events, celebrations etc.

In this year of 2018, price of postage stamps have been changed so you must have an idea about the prices of postage stamps when you are going to buy the stamps. At the starting of the year, the prices of the postage stamp were $9.20 but then the price of the stamp rose to $9.80. Postage stamps are bought in the form of booklet so you can use them for a longer period of time. Cost is quite nominal. In CVS store, you have to wait in a queue because these stamps are quite demanding and prices are economical so people prefer to buy these stamps. On different eves like Christmas, Easter, New Year etc., sale of these stamps increases to a great extent.

CVS Store Near You

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You will never feel any difficulty while finding a CVS near you. Where ever you go in US, you will be able to find some CVS store near you. This is so because branches of CVS are present in abundance. They offer variety of products and you can even buy stamps from their store easily. If you do not know the location of a nearby store, you can use their site map for this purpose. Map contains the location of all the stores and you can easily figure out the desired location of store.

There is good news for the mobile users. People who are Android users, they can download the CVS pharmacy app. This app will help you in locating a store that is nearby you then you can visit that store to buy your desired stamps. This application will only show the location of CVS stores in USA. People who are outside USA, they can search on Google to find CVS stores and visit the store and get the desired items. This is quite simple.

About CVS

As we mentioned earlier, CVS is a subsidiary of Melville Corporation. It was originated in 1963. Its original name was Consumer Value Stores. But after some time, Melville changed its name and it was named as CVS Corporation in 1996. At starting, there were 17 stores but after 5 years their branches were 40 and they kept on rising with passage of time. This is the most famous pharmacy in Unites States of America now. Its chains are located all over the USA. In 2016, it was having more than 9600 branches. In 2016, it ranked as the 7th largest retail pharmacy and at that time its competitor was Walgreens Boots Alliance that ranked 37th.

CVS stores sell a wide range of drugs, cosmetics, beauty products, seasonal merchandise, greeting cards, photo finishing services, convenience food, stamps and postage stamps etc. They are running their online services through their app. This site is quite handy and people can feel free to buy from their online website. CVS is also running its medical clinics where health care related services are being provided to the people. They have also established diabetes care centre for ease of general public. Many of these health care clinics are found inside the CVS stores. At many places, these clinics have been established separately.

CVS is a great place to buy some stamps occasionally as their stores provide a wide range of post stamps at reasonable rates. Pay a visit to store, grab tickets and post your letters.