Does UPS Sell Stamps

Does UPS Sell Stamps? Yes…

You would have probably used the services of UPS at some point of time or the other. Quite known for quicker delivery of mails and packages at highly reasonable rates, UPS offers many services which includes sale of postage stamps. There are many stores across the nation and quite a lot of facilities which makes it the perfect destination for your postage stamps from USPS as well.

With so many stores located across the country there will not be any need for you to travel far to get your postage stamps, if you have a UPS store nearby.

There are quite a few people who often wonder whether UPS definitely sells stamps or not. It is indeed true that they offer US Postal services stamps along with their own shipping services. You can use UPS to ship across your package through both UPS and USPS, based on what you need.


How to Buy Stamps at UPS?

Being a leading postal service provider across the world, UPS offers quite a few benefits to those who come to them, especially for postage stamps. The company which is open on all days of the week between 9 in the morning until 7 in the evening making it convenient for customers to walk in and buy the postage stamps and also mail their package to anywhere in the world. With metered mail, signature confirmation and certified letters available along with postage stamps, UPS is definitely your one stop destination for postage related needs.

There are many reasons why you should choose UPS as your ultimate destination for postage stamps. There are many benefits to buy postage stamps here, the most important one being the fact that it is simple to buy. Additionally you can also avail other services like domestic shipping, international posting along with other USPS based mail services like express mail, first class mail, and priority mail and so on.

If you are not looking to go to the nearest UPS store, you can also buy stamps through their online website. The online order will be processed immediately and you will receive your postage stamps along with any other material you placed order for within a span of 48 hours.

Buying the stamps is quite easy as you can get in touch with the customer representative in the respective store or the front desk executive who will guide you on getting the required postage stamps.

Postage Stamps Price in UPS:

As a leading provider of postal services across the world, it is only right that UPS also has postage stamps by US postal services as part of its stock list. There is also metered mail that you can get from UPS along with postage stamps issued by USPS. Given that the office is open on all days, it makes it easy for you to get postage stamps at any time or day you want. The UPS also gives you signature confirmation and certified letters along with postage stamps.

The best feature in buying postage stamps vat UPS is that you can either buy them as individual units or buy them as book of stamps. The price of the stamps is the same as what you need to pay at USPS and hence you will not be paying anything extra. In fact if you want it you can order them online on the UPS website and you will have it delivered in 48 hours at your doorstep.

More often than not when you are buying postage stamps out of USPS, you will end up paying more than the actual cost. But that is not so with UPS where the cost is same as what is offered at USPS.

UPS Store Near You

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UPS, as we had mentioned earlier has a global presence, with stores located in nearly 200 countries and there are many in the country of United states alone. Therefore finding a store that is near your locality is not a tough task. What is more interesting and exciting is that the store has launched an app for mobiles on both Android and iOS platforms which can be downloaded for easy access to the store’s features. You can also use these apps to find the nearest store in your locality.

The store locator option is available on the home page of the website and on the app which can not only give you the store nearest to you but also provide you details on the working hours of the store, services offered, price of shipping and more. It also tells you if the store is currently open and provides you with a contact number to get in touch with the respective customer service representative. Once you have found the store locator, key in the city code and your locality name to find the details of the nearest store from your place. After finding the place, it is about simply walking in to get the required postage stamps.

About UPS

UPS is the acronym for United Parcel Service and it is the largest parcel shipping and delivery company in the world. The company was first established in the year 1907 and its first office was set up in Seattle in the district of Washington. James E. Casey is the founder of the company and currently the company has presence in more than 200 countries across the globe. The company takes pride in the fact that they handle more than 15 million packages every day with more than 8 million customers procuring their services on a daily basis.

The company offers a whole plethora of services in posting and shipping industry including direct mail and mailbox rentals along with other services offered by USPS. The stores of UPS not only sell postage stamps but also other shipping supplies and are therefore a one stop destination if you are looking to send a package to any place domestic or international. They also offer specialized packing services which is exceptionally good when you are looking to ship an expensive item to a far away destination. The staff and customer support system also works highly in favor of the customer and therefore the company.