Does Staples Sell Stamps?

Yes, Staples does sell stamps.

You’ve probably been in a situation when you wanted to send a letter, only to find out that there are no stamps left at home. It could be a late birthday or greetings card that you totally forgot about or a government form that you have to submit on time.

The truth is that it’s quite common for people to run out of stamps all of a sudden; they’re not on everyone’s shopping list although they’re very important. You buy them in bulk and they’re always there but eventually, you’ll run out of them.


Staples Custom Stamps

To Save time and leave unique and clear messages on envelopes, boxes and other mail items with custom stamps. Choose from multiple ink colors and stamp types to match the style or image of a company. With up to 21 lines of space available, custom stamps can relay a lot of information.

  • Pre-Inked Same Day Stamps
  • Textile Stamps
  • Notary Stamps
  • Date Stamps
  • Pre-Inked Address Stamps
  • Pre-Inked Delivery Stamps
  • Pre-Inked Endorsement Stamps
  • Pre-Inked Message Stamps
  • Pre-Inked Signature Stamp
  • Rubber Stamps
  • Stamp Refills and Accessories
  • Embossers

Staples Notary Stamp

A notary stamp represents your official status in your state, enabling you to transfer real estate, grant powers of attorney, and more. But to perform these tasks, you need your seal.

To be eligible to receive a notary stamp, you need to first scan and submit your state notary certificate with your order. Then choose the shape and size you want. Available in circular or rectangular format in 5 sizes:

Staples Notary Supplies

  • 1″ x 1 5/16″
  • 1 1/16″ x 2 5/8″
  • 1 3/8″ x 2 15/16″
  • 1 9/16″ round
  • 7/8″ x 2 3/4″

Staples Custom Rubber Stamps

Staples create a custom rubber stamp to put your corporate address and logo on documents and mail. Businesses use stamps for different purposes including dating and endorsing documents, checks and contracts.

Rubber Stamps Specs

  1. Available in 3 sizes
  2. Add up to 21 lines of text
  3. Separate stamp pad required

Staples to the Rescue

However, there’s always a way out, thanks to Staples. All you have to do is to rush to the nearest Staples and grab your stamps and send your letter.

Read this: If you’re not sure how many stamps to get.

Staples sells stamps at the same price as the local postal office, making your life easier. If the post office is far away, it’s usually easier to head to the nearest Staples near your house.

Moreover, you can also buy stamps online. You don’t have to worry about running of stamps anymore, because you can place an order and buy stamps in bulk. They’ll be delivered right to your doorstep.

Similar stores that also sell stamps include:

As a matter of fact, Staples offers a lot of helpful services like copying and printing services that can make your life easier. All digital printing services are available at affordable prices.

You can order custom-made business cards to promote your business and custom rubber stamps for all purposes.

Lots of people prefer to head to Staples to buy promotional products that they can give away. It’s also the number one destination for binding, lamination, folding, cutting, and engraving different products.

Why Choose Staples?

Staples opened its first store in 1986. Today it operates in 1220 stores and 40 warehouses in the US and Canada providing reliable and high-quality services.

Staples currently sells a huge number of school supplies, office supplies, facility and janitorial supplies, health and beauty supplies, and industrial supplies.

Moreover, they offer specialized office and data center consultations that appeal to the owners of small and medium-sized business projects.

The company was established by Leo Kahn and Thomas G who managed to take their business to an international level.

Most locations have a UPS service for air and ground shipping services.

International shipping and postage services to Canada and Mexico are available from stores in the US.

Should I Buy Stamps from Staples?

With a big number of stores, you’re likely to find a Staples store near you. They offer a lot of services so you can finish all your chores in one place.The company keeps on expanding and evolving thus providing customers with more specialized digital services that cater to their needs.Staples is also expanding so if there’s no store near your house, it’s probably on the way.


Does Staples sell stamps? Yes, it does. It also offers a lot of office and business-related services that can make your life easier.