7 very frequent mistakes in worker’s payrolls

Failures to perform payroll involve many complications internally and may even involve legal problems. Therefore, it is important that the team responsible for managing this point within your company be up to date with current laws and regulations that affect your sector.

In this way they will know the latest news and avoid not implementing changes that may eventually harm you. Knowing these cases will help you identify them and start working to avoid them.

Do not use an integrated management system

There are numerous software for manage the accounting and billing of a company. Although your business is small, Investing in these types of tools is important.. Using them will allow you to avoid failures and carelessness while checking that all information is correct and well classified.

Disregard variables

Different incidents arise each month within a company that have an impact on the employee salary. It is important to keep a count of all of them through a management program that allows accounting for vacation days, extra days, if there are employees with leave or with reduced working hours. This will make it easier to know in which situation each of the team members is and adapt their payroll accordingly.

Do not plan

Many times the mistakes have to do with the hurry to make payroll since the billing period arrives and there is no time to review them. This can be fought with good planning. Try to anticipate the deadlines having all the documentation and information you need. So you will avoid hurries and failures resulting from not having time to review.

Always use the same payroll model

The same hurries that we have commented take us many times to reuse documents from the previous month to save time. A habit that promotes the appearance of errors since erroneous data can be sneaked in or are no longer valid. Even if it takes a little longer, always make payroll from scratch or through a blank template that contains data that never changes, such as company billing information.

Lack of communication

There are companies where the internal communication correctly. What derives in failures, lack of information and misunderstandings between departments. If you identify these types of problems, try to establish communication channels between the members of the company. You can use some information platform in which news and incidents are collected so that anyone can consult those that are useful for your job.

Do not check carefully

In addition to looking at the mistakes we have already commented to avoid them, following proper planning and organization will help you make your payroll correct. We know that you have many tasks and sometimes they accumulate, but if you start to establish changes aimed at improving productivity and order, you will get it. If you plan with enough time you can check payrolls before submitting and you will have the peace of mind that they are correct.

Do not be aware of changes and updates

Surely you already have a monthly calculation and payment deadline, a few days before collecting all the information you know you will need. It would also be advisable to bet, if you still do not, to use a software or payroll management template that will allow you automate calculations and avoid problems. Also, try to keep up with everyone those changes and updates in the legislation that affect your company and to the sector in which you work.