Functional areas of a company

Part of the functional areas of a company are the following:

  • Directorate General
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Administration and Human Resources
  • Finance and accounting
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Computing

The areas of the company will always be indispensable, since the most important activities carried out to achieve the objectives are precisely raised and carried out by each department.

Generally a company is formed by at least 5 to 6 basic functional areas: General Management, Administration and Human Resources, Production, Finance and Accounting, Advertising and Marketing and Information Technology, but it can be formed by many more.

The number of areas of the company will depend on the size of the organization. In small businesses, functional areas are simplified and integrated into each other.

Directorate General

It is an area considered the head of the company. Set the objectives and direct them towards them. It is related to the rest of the functional areas, since it is who controls them. In What is an administrator? You will be able to know more about the tasks that make up this function, you will also learn what are the skills and profile required for the position of general manager, administrator or manager.

Administrative Assistant

It is usually a person in charge of assisting general management and being the most important or urgent information filter, it is also the link between the management and the other departments.

Administration and Human Resources

Related to the operation of the company. It is the operation of the business from hiring, to the application of campaigns in human resources. Usually it is the entrepreneur or entrepreneur who is responsible for this functional area.

We suggest you consult Human Resources Administration, how does it work? to get an in-depth idea of ​​the gear of this functional area of ​​the organization.


It carries out the production of the goods that the company will market. In other words, this operation or production subsystem aims to achieve the goods and services intended to meet the market needs detected by the marketing or commercial area.

Finance and accounting

It is mandatory that they keep an accounting record. It will take into account all the movements of money, both inside and outside the company, also performs the calculation of payments for employees that the resource department is responsible for carrying out the payment or on some occasions this department also does it if it is Bank deposit. The above are just some of the functions of financial management or the financial department of a business organization.

Advertising and Marketing

It is responsible for conducting research in the market, determining what will be the next product or product maintenance to reach a negotiation in the market, in addition, it is responsible for maintaining links with the production department so that it brings the results to fruition obtained in the investigation. On the other hand, it will be in charge of marketing the products, positioning in the market and presenting it through advertising. This, in summary, and much more is what the commercial or marketing department of a company does.


It is in charge of always maintaining the technical and technological functioning of the company in good condition to avoid that those tasks carried out through a computer server are in poor condition and the objectives of the company are not fulfilled.