How Majority App works, mobile banking for migrants

Majority is the mobile application that offers advantages in sending money, banking and telephone service, all in one.

Majority is a mobile banking for migrants whose mission is to provide the best tools in a single application. We refer to services from sending money to telephone calls with exclusive rates.

This mobile application allows you to have a bank account with a balance to receive or send funds, a Visa debit or credit card – Majority universal cards – and allows you to send remittances with a good exchange rate if you compare it with the market rate, promising a delivery fast and safe.

For the use of the application, users must pay a monthly fee of 5 dollars to enjoy the functions offered by the application.

Requirements to open an account

  • Download the Majority app on your phone.
  • Next comes the registration process to get your Majority membership.
  • To do this you must provide some personal identification information: such as your name, phone number, email and an official identification.

As far as the banking service is concerned, this is carried out through a partnership with Sutton Bank, based in Ohio, which gives users access to some 55,000 ATMs throughout the country.


  1. You can have an account without the need for a minimum balance and receive your salary before payday.
  2. With the Majority Visa debit card you can get discounts at local businesses, make foreign transactions without fees and do not generate overdraft fees.
  3. For sending remittances, it offers excellent exchange rates with fast and secure deliveries.
  4. You can recharge without commission in more than 35 destinations.
  5. It offers a telephone service, with international calls at a minimal cost.
  6. It has counseling, community resources and customer service.

This mobile bank now has the ability to send remittances to Mexico in a select few states, but its president Magnus Larsson said he hopes the entire country will be covered soon.

On the other hand, currently it has just launched in the city of Miami, in Hialeah, to work with the Cuban community. For Cuba, where due to political reasons remittances are difficult to send, the company offers a phone recharge service with a data plan for a loved one on the island through the application.

It currently has a 30-day free membership offer and then the $5 monthly payment begins.