How to Address An Envelope

When sending a letter, you have to know how and where to write the address on the envelope. Thus we ensure that the letter reaches its destination without confusion.

How to Write Address on Envelope

Recipient Information

The most important information is that of the recipient, it should be written in large clear letters in the center of the front of the envelope or in the lower right corner if it is a package.

We must divide the data into four lines:

  1. Name and surname of the recipient
  2. Street, number and floor
  3. Zip code and location
  4. Country (yes it is an international charter)

Sender Information

In the case of the sender, if it is a letter the information must be written on the back of the envelope, in the flap of the envelope, while, if we want to write it in a package, it is written in the upper left corner.

The information that we must provide is the name and surname of the person sending the letter and its address, the same structure can be used as in the case of the recipient, but for space usually only two or three lines are used, in the case of sending a letter.

The Stamp

The seal should go in the upper right corner of the front of the envelope or package.

Although today, this recommendation is already a bit outdated and should be recommended more by the fact of following the custom than as a necessity for the letter or package to reach its destination, because the fact of placing it in that position served to that the postmark be comfortably worn by the post office worker.

Although we will almost always see the stamp on the top right, nowadays, placing it in this position is no longer necessary and we can really place it anywhere in the letter that does not bother the address reading, both of the recipient and the sender.

General advice when writing the address in a letter

  • If you write the address by hand, use a pen or marker that allows a clear, blue or black writing, preferably. If the recipient’s address is not well understood, they will surely be returned to your mailbox and if the sender’s data is not well understood, that letter or package is probably lost.
  • If you write the address to a computer on a printed label, use sources such as Verdana, Courrier New, Lucinda Console or 12-point size caliber.
  • If you are sending an international letter, the country write it with capital letters.
  • Do not put the recipient’s data on more than 8 lines or on less than 3.
  • Before sending your letter, check that you have correctly put all the data.