How to Make An Envelope

Many times we need to send a letter or card and we don’t have an envelope to deliver it to. Then learn quickly and easily how to make paper envelopes.

How to make envelopes? The first thing we need to make an envelope is a sheet of paper, be it letter or trade size, a scissor, a ruler and a glue stick.

Having these four things we are ready to make as many envelopes as we want.

The first step in making an envelope is to take the paper on the sides and fold it in half. It is necessary to be quite delicate and detailed so that the envelope is the best possible.

Once we have the folded paper, we mark the fold well and stretch it again, then we take the upper left tip first and take it to the center, we do the same with the upper right tip. After we have these folded parts our paper will be shaped like a house. When we have that, we will take the other two points and we will also take them to the center, but next to the rest of the paper, when we have done this, we will realize that the paper is already beginning to take the form of an envelope.

It is important to follow the steps well and in case something goes wrong, throw away the paper and start again with one without the marked dubbing.

Once we have completed that step, we have to fold both sides of the upper tips and bring them to the center, to know if we are doing this step correctly we have to make sure that, once this point has been completed, the paper will be left again in a rectangular position

When we have folded those two points to the center, we turn the sheet 180 degrees and take both ends and take them to the center, again our paper will be shaped like a house.

When we have the house-shaped envelope, we must take the top tip (the roof of the house) and take it straight to the bottom. When we are at this point, we unfold the top tip again and add glue inside so that the edges do not separate and we also add glue inside the envelope so that the parts that compose it do not disassemble.

Once we have that, let the glue dry for a few minutes and we will have our envelope ready to put cards or letters.