How to fold a letter to put it in an envelope

Few letters are written today, especially the younger generations, but sometimes it is necessary to do so to communicate with some estate, company or loved one. Let’s see, step by step, how to fold a letter into an envelope.

Letters and envelopes

Any letter you write requires your envelope. Let’s not think that all envelopes are the same since you can find those that are of the “standard” type that is square, or those that are rectangular, such as those used for sending invoices for example.

In function of the envelope so we can fold the letter in a certain way so that the paper is completely flat once we put the letter inside. A badly folded letter will be a wrinkled letter when it is to be read and it can also make the envelope not close properly.

Steps to fold a letter to put it in an envelope

Folding a letter to put it in an envelope is really easy. We can also fold it in two ways to each one more basic.

Fold a letter for a square envelope

  1. If you have to send a letter to a family member or friend, you will surely send it in a square envelope, so all you have to do is fold the letter in half without further ado.
  2. Take the folio or sheet on which you have written the letter and fold it in half, making sure that the four ends meet.
  3. With the help of your fingers or a pencil mark the double center and you will not need to do anything else.
  4. In terms of the size of the envelope, (there are smaller), you will have to bend and fold it in half, but thinks that the more double thicker be the letter and that is not recommended.

Fold a letter for a rectangular envelope

  1. On the other hand, if you have a rectangular envelope, it is better to choose to fold the letter in three parts.
  2. Too easy. All you have to do is take the letter and fold it as if it were an accordion, so you should fold from below to the center and you will see how the letter fits in three parts with the address (if you have written it) in the center of the envelope (for those who have a window).
  3. Another option is to fold the card in half so that the central part of it is marked.
  4. Now, open the letter again, take the bottom of the paper and bring both ends towards the marked center.
  5. Repeat this same step with the top of the card, bringing the two upper ends to the center. This way you will be folded into four parts.