How to buy a house in Houston, Texas

Buying a new home is sometimes a complicated process. The steps are many and each one must be completed correctly for the sale to be approved. No matter what type of house you are trying to buy, the steps are the same. When buying a house in Houston, it is better to do it with the help of a real estate agent. However, the steps to buy a Houston home are the same, whether you use a real estate agent or not.

Obtain prior approval of financing. Financing for the purchase of a house in Houston is an important first step. If you don’t know how much money a bank is willing to finance, you won’t know how much you can spend on your new home. Prior approval also gives sellers confidence to accept your offer.

Organize an appointment with a real estate agent. A real estate agent will take you through the process and help you understand the home buying process. Choose a real estate agent with whom you feel comfortable. The real estate agent will want to know what you are looking for in order to help you better find what you are looking for.

Visit the Houston homes that fit your criteria. Find options yourself on the Internet or ask your real estate agent to help you find homes that meet your requirements and, at the same time, are within your price range. Visit these properties and inspect them carefully. Ask the necessary questions to make sure the house is what you are looking for.

Make an offer Taking some time to think about it may seem like a good idea. However, while most of the time you should not rush into anything, keep in mind that others are also seeing the same properties and could acquire the property before you. Make an offer as soon as you feel that house is the place for you. Ask your real estate agent to help you decide how much to offer.

Change the offer if necessary. Sometimes, a seller will send a counter offer instead of accepting your original offer. If this happens, you will have to consider whether the counter offer is fair or if you want to make another offer. Negotiations take place between your real estate agent and the seller’s real estate agent.

Organize a home inspection. Once your offer is accepted, the sale is made. However, you will need to inspect the house. Your real estate agent can recommend a home inspector. The inspector checks the house and points out everything that needs to be fixed. After having the inspection report in hand, you can withdraw from the contract if there are serious problems with the house. You can also negotiate with the seller to pay for some of the biggest repairs.

Sign the documents at closing. When all else is done, a closure will be scheduled. Both buyers and sellers have to attend. At closing, all the documents are signed and the keys are exchanged for the money. The closing officers explain all the papers and talk to you throughout the closing process.


When buying a house in Houston, check the homeowners association that governs your home. Ask how much the fees are and what they cover, so you won’t be surprised when the bill arrives.