How to buy shares in the United States

If you want to participate in the markets by buying shares, the United States is probably the best place. Stock exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) are at the head of the world’s largest stock market in terms of the volume of operations that flows every day and levels of capitalization.

Like any market in the stock market, the supply and demand of shares come together. Bidders, corporations seek money to finance their plans and projects. The plaintiffs are investors looking for profitability.

Investing in the stock market demands experience, dedication and guarantees or formal certifications, requirements that meet an agent or broker.

A securities dealer or broker is an individual or agency operating under license from the Securities Commission (Commission Securities and Exchange in the case of the US ) acting as an intermediary in managing sale of securities and managing portfolios in exchange for A commission.

With the arrival of online brokerage firms or online broker, it is possible to buy shares almost immediately after opening a brokerage account.

How to buy shares? The brokers

The agents can be traditional or online, as well as full – service brokers, commission or discount.

A full service agent as the name suggests provides comprehensive and personalized advice, however, works with clients of relative net worth. Therefore, according to, you will require an investment of not less than USD 50,000 to open a full-service brokerage account.

A full service agent usually works in a physical location. After meeting you, he will offer you an investment plan that best suits your personality, risk tolerance and performance expectations.

A discount broker has much lower rates and minimum amounts however it does not offer a complete service and investment decisions fall into your hands.

Almost thirty years after the advent of the Internet, most people seek the services of an online agent instead of a traditional agency. Many online agents are discount brokers and handle the transaction-per-share scheme, so the entry amounts or minimum investment amounts are considerably low.

For, recommended options for online stockbrokers are Charles Schwab, E * Trade, Fidelity Investments, and TD Ameritrade.

Invest in shares. The brokerage account

To operate through any of the online brokerage firms you just have to register on their website, open an online brokerage account and transfer funds to it, after which you can place an order. states that opening a brokerage account is as easy as formalizing a bank account, you need to complete an account request, provide proof of identity and choose how you want to deposit in the account.

Some online brokers charge fees for inactivity, so you should assess how often you plan to buy and sell shares. If you are a rare customer you should pay special attention to this detail.

It is also important before deciding on a brokerage firm to consider how much help and level of service or advice you require. Remember that rates and commissions depend on it.

Consider the tutorial material of some sites, as well as simulated accounts, accessibility to customer service options, whether by phone, email, online chat, customer service points or agencies.

Buy actions. Stock selection

When you have your brokerage account set up, it only remains to place an order or order of the titles that interest you most.

Evaluate the action that interests you using an evaluator, stock examiner or “Stock Screener.” Some tools and financial portals you can use are: MSN Money, TechRules, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg Stocks and Explore your resources and analysis tools.

These tools offer a whole conglomerate of useful information and data. Additionally they make a fundamental analysis of your actions and return a rating of 1 to 10 with two decimal places or in letters from “A” to “E”. Which makes it easier to assess the weakest of the strongest roles.

If you do a Google search for “best action stocks in the United States” actions of known and not-so-known companies come to the fore. Look for actions based on profitability results and liquidity, consider the fundamental analysis and open publication financial ratios.

Buying stocks in the United States or other stock markets is easy, the complicated thing is to reach high performance expectations. Remember that the value of the shares fluctuates to the point of volatility and nothing is certain. Even “fluttering a butterfly” can increase the risk of your investment.