How to calculate your biweekly salary

A bi-weekly salary is an amount of money that a worker receives every 2 weeks in his paycheck. Many employers pay workers every 2 weeks because it is a convenient way for them to do business. It is important that you can calculate your biweekly salary, so you can make your budget and pay your bills. The calculation of your biweekly salary is just a matter of basic mathematics.

Ask the human resources department what your annual salary is. You can also see them in the contract you signed when you started your job. Ask how much money is deducted from taxes, benefits, child support and retirement accounts every 2 weeks of salary.

Put the annual salary in the calculator.

Press the divide key and write the number 26, which represents the number of checks you receive per year since the year has 52 weeks and you receive checks alternating one week.

Press the same key The result that appears is the bi-weekly wage without taxes, or benefits, maintenance and retirement account payments.

Subtract the amount of money you discovered, deducted from the payments and taxes each month of the total in step 4. This approximates the amount you will take home in your check every 2 weeks.

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