How to call with private number

Sometimes, there is a real need to call someone and prevent your phone number from being displayed. Maybe you received a call from a number you don’t recognize and want to verify who it is without revealing your number. You can do it, using your residential phone or if you prefer your mobile phone.

If you want that when you call someone you appear as a private number or not visible number. You can perform a few simple steps to get any of the options.

How to dial a private cell phone in the United States

Do you know how to dial private in the United States? If you want your phone number not to be recognized when you make a call, it is possible by making your number remain hidden.

In addition, when your number appears as private, your contact information will also be protected in privacy.

Step by step How to dial private in the United States

Learning how to dial private in the United States is easy by following some steps that you will know below whether you make the call with your mobile phone or with a landline:

  1. If you make the call with your mobile phone you must open the dialer while if you make the call with a landline phone you must wait for the dial tone.
  2. Then you must dial the code that hides the number, since all countries have a code to hide the phone number and that it remains private.


Therefore dial code * 67 which is the private calling code in the United States.

  1. After you have dialled * 67 as your private calling code you will continue to dial the phone number exactly as you dial it always including the country code, then the area code when you make a call abroad.
  2. In this way you can make a call as you normally do with the other person, but with the difference that instead of your name or phone number, that person will read in the Caller ID Unknown or Private.
  3. Even your phone number can be permanently hidden so that your name is never detected and therefore your call will always appear as private.
  4. If you prefer this method, you must contact your telephone operator so that the service is configured as private on the lines that you want to appear as private.
  5. However, you should think that if the person you want to call has the habit of not answering anonymous calls as they will appear, you will not be able to contact them, except that before Tuesday another temporary private calling code.
  6. In the United States, the temporary private call code is 82. Dialling the number 82 will allow you to temporarily deactivate the private call from your phone number.

How to dial private in the United States with an iPhone

If you use an iPhone, you must disable Show my caller ID from the settings menu:

  1. So go to the settings menu, then go to Phone and finally disable Show my caller ID.
  2. In any case, everything will depend on the telephone service operator that you have contracted since not all operators of the telephone service for iPhone incorporate this option.

How to dial private

If you want your phone call to be shown as private and your name or phone number to not appear, it will not be shown in the caller ID of the person you are calling if you follow these steps and will not appear throughout the entire call. call:

  1. With the marker on your mobile phone dial number 67.
  2. In other words, before dialling the phone number of the person you want to call, you must dial number 67.
  3. After dialling number 67 you will continue to dial the phone number you want to call.
  4. Once you have dialled all the numbers you can press the Call button.

How to call with a private number 

In general, when you make a call, you hope that the person receiving the call can identify you, that is, you want your landline or mobile number to be recognized.

However, there are several reasons that, like you, many other people do not want their number to be detected when they make a phone call to a particular person.

It is in this situation when you need to know how to dial private in the United States and that your number appears private during the entire call and in this way it is not detected that you are calling and your contact information data cannot be registered either.

Well, there are several ways so that when your call is answered by the other person, the digits of your phone number do not appear on the screen of their mobile phone and you can also make the private number appear on a particular call or on all calls. phone calls you make.

Well, it is you who must choose to always appear private or only sometimes.

How to dial private in the United States for each call

This method will serve for each call you make and you want to appear private, that is, it is not the permanent method so that all calls you make are shown as private.

  1. In both cases, you must dial a prefix and with the method for you to appear as private in a particular call, you must dial number 31.
  2. After you have dialled number 37, you can continue dialling the phone number as you always do, remembering that if you are making a call abroad, number 37 will continue with the country code, then the area code and finally the number of the phone of that person you want to call but without identifying you.

This method is used for calls that you make with your mobile phone because if you make the call with a landline phone you must dial code number 067.

How do you dial private in the USA for all calls?

If in addition to the option to use code 067 for private calls, you can also use this other option to make a hidden call in the USA:

If you prefer that your phone number is always shown as private, then you must handle yourself in another way, because a number will always be hidden every time you make any call to anyone.

Think that you call whoever you call, you will never know that it is you who is calling. a call and anyway your phone number will remain hidden, you will handle yourself in this way:


How to hide the phone number in a call?

There are several ways to make your private number before calling depending on the type of device.

Option 1: Use a lock code before dialling

If you want to make your private number for one person while calling. You can enter some numbers before the rest of the phone number to mask your caller ID.

First, if you use a landline, just pick up the phone and get ready to dial.

Write * 67. This code will work with virtually any operator in North America.

When you finish the call, the option disappears. You will need to redial * 67 every time you want your call to appear as a private number. This option to hide your phone number is temporary. (Some companies charge for this service. Contact your operator and ask if there is a charge for using this option).

Enter the number you wish to dial. Normally, these will be 10 digits.

Make the call Unless you call 911 or an 800 number, the recipient of your call cannot see your phone number.

Other way, from a mobile phone, dial # 31 # then the number you are calling. There are several lock codes depending on the country and your telephone operator. If the standard code does not work, locate the code corresponding to your country and device. Another alternative is to visit the website of your telephone operator, you have: Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Vodafone

Option 2: Use your phone settings (iOS)

Open the Settings menu of your iPhone, locate the Phone option.

Click on Show caller ID (If your operator does not support this function you will not find the option).

Move the Show Caller ID switch to the left, it will change colour. From now on, the people you call will not be able to see your phone number, it will be a private number. The Iclarified site contains details about it.

Option 3: Use your phone’s settings (Android)

Open the Phone application of your Android, press the three dots (⋮) in the upper right corner of the screen.

Select the Settings option in the menu, press the Calls option. Then the option: Additional settings.

Select sender ID, choose hide number. The phone number of your Android will no longer be shown to the people you call. Verizon wireless responds via web some questions regarding this process.

How to hide your fixed number permanently?

For residential phones it is also possible to permanently hide the number when you call other people. This option means that the data is locked. So that your name, phone number and address are not published in the White Pages directory. This option usually has an additional cost.

Contact your telephone service provider to find out how you can make your private number. Private number is not the same as unpublished number. But both options will make your number appear as “private.”

Ask the customer service representative of your telephone operator to explain the differences between them. It is important to know the charges that apply for each option.

Choose the option that best suits your needs and your budget. Once the service has been established, your number will not appear on the caller ID screen.

How can we call a person who keeps Rejection anonymous calls active?

Some people keep the option to reject anonymous calls active, this allows them to block any call with an “unknown” or “private number” number.

If you have a private number, and you need to contact that person, you have two options to make your number visible. The permanent option requires that you contact your telephone company and ask them to republish your number.

This way you will save on the phone bill every month and it will show your phone number when you make outgoing calls. The call blocking option of “unknown” or “private number” origin will no longer prevent you from making the call.

You can also use a temporary option to have your number reappear. When you call a phone number that has the lock option activated, you will receive an automatic answer.

To prevent this from happening and to get the first call, you just have to dial * 82. Wait to hear the dial tone and then dial the phone number as you normally would.

This will work only for one call when you close the call the option will be “deleted”. Your number will reappear as private the next time you make a call.