How to change the beneficiary of a check

Having a check in the name of the wrong person can cause a lot of trouble. Whether it is a paycheck, reimbursement check or some other form of payment, it is most likely that the desired person will delay receiving their money. If this happens to you, there are several options for correcting the error and obtaining the money you are owed.

Ask the person who wrote the check to cancel the check with the wrong name and issue another payment to the desired person. Once the check is written, the beneficiary cannot be changed. If you try to change the original check, it is most likely considered fraudulent by the bank and could cause a lot of problems, therefore, having a new check issued is the best option.

Deposit the check in your personal or business account and write the check for the person who was going to receive the money. Be sure to clearly document the entire transaction, with both parties signing a document stating exactly what happened, so there is no confusion in the future.

Endorse the check and sign it to the desired person. On the back of the check, in the approval section, sign the check with your name and then write “Pay to order” and the person’s name. The person to whom you are endorsing the check must sign the check and write “For deposit only” on the back of the check. Some banks require that this transaction take place in front of an ATM so that there is no error as to the intention of the transaction.