How to clean the fireplace glass

Have a fireplace not only brings heat to the home but also a lot of style, but in the case that it is a current model or a stove that imitates the design of a fireplace, it will surely have a glass door that, due to the combustion of heat, and wood or the pellets we use will end up staining easily. Let’s see next, a step guide in which we explain How to clean the fireplace glass.

Even if you light the fireplace and clean it well when you turn it off, it is normal for over time, you see that a white or gray patina appears on the glass, similar to fog or also that some spots have appeared brownsbut don’t worry because its removal does not require much effort, so let’s see next how to proceed to clean the glass effectively and easily.

Steps to clean the fireplace glass

  1. Dip a soft cloth moistened with water in a bowl and rub it vigorously on the glass, taking advantage of the ash that has already glued, although this will serve you precisely to be able remove all dirt.
  2. Repeat the operation, often rinsing the fabric in warm water, until the action ash degreaser has given the desired effect.
  3. Finally, To remove marks and scratches, dry the surface with newspaper., passing them also vigorously.
  4. Alternatively, you can try another natural method that consists of the use of white vinegar and its degreasing power. In an instant you can create an excellent solution spray to clean the fireplace glass.
  5. Add a cup of vinegar to a liter of hot water, pour the mixture into a dispenser spray and later spray directly onto the surface.
  6. Let it act for a few minutes and then rub vigorously with a clean, damp cloth.
  7. When the glass is clean again, you have to dry it with another clean cloth Y then you pass a newspaper.
  8. On the other hand, also an excellent solution to remove black stains from smoke and soot is use a window cleaner already prepared, without having to waste time creating a cleaner for the glass of your fireplace. In the market you can find countless window cleaners that are effective, so you only have to choose one (especially one that has ammonia), apply it to the glass, and let it act for a few seconds, cleaning with newspaper and then with a clean cloth.
  9. On the other hand, in case the glass or glass is stained in a particularly deep way, there are professional cream detergents on the market that have been specifically created to clean the blackened glass of the fireplace: spread a small amount on its surface in circular motions, and Wipe well with a soft cloth and then newspaper dry.
  10. The fireplace glass will look perfectly transparent and shiny and you can already enjoy the fire in your fireplace.