How to close a sale

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Some experiences show the experience of a process in which there is a beginning and a closure. This final moment is definitive in different examples of the business world as a negotiation or a sale. Expectations before this closing of a sale They can be even higher depending on the volume of the order itself.

To achieve this goal it is important to consider the objective during the interaction with the client. But it is advisable to transcend the fact of converting the sale into an end in itself to make the work itself a search for personal excellence that aims to help the client in this advice.

Therefore, the most important thing is the attention to the person and respect for their freedom of decision. A customer may not buy from a business at any given time but return soon to this point of sale because he positively remembers the quality of care received by professionals.


When you know the properties of the products and services you sell you can also discern more accurately what are the best options for a customer who is interested in making a purchase of a specific item. Have an updated knowledge of your catalog and listen carefully to the information provided by the interlocutor.

What are your needs? What is the approximate expense you want to allocate to this purchase? In addition to meeting the interlocutor through this dialogue in which you ask questions that you can answer as a specialist, you can also ask him new questions to help you choose the best proposal.

Application of sales techniques

Specialized training is an especially important aspect to acquire new sales skills that can be put into practice in the situational scenario of daily experience. Through the knowledge of the different techniques, a professional can use one resource or another according to the characteristics of the context itself. One of the most used formulas is the complementary sale that is also called the crusade.

It occurs when a consumer has chosen a specific good and the professional offers some items from the catalog that can complement that product. Direct closure is another example of action that can be implemented when the previous stage has flowed in such a way that the interlocutor has clearly shown his desire to acquire this purchase, but has not yet directly confirmed this decision. In that case, the professional can ask a question that assumes the sale itself.

There is also the possibility of making the customer feel that they are facing an excellent opportunity to purchase a product, for example, when the label marks a significant discount with respect to the original price on a quality item. If the other person has shown interest in this possible purchase, you can also inform him if there is any risk that this model will soon run out of stock.

Therefore, the expectation of closing a sale stems from the motivation for a job well done and customer service.