How to disinfect vegetables correctly

The coronavirus is causing a great impact globally, and has generated in the population an extreme obsession to disinfect everything at all hours in order to avoid contracting it. If you want to know how disinfect vegetablesRead on and take note of everything you need to do it correctly and that its consumption is safe.

The fact of disinfecting vegetables, or also fruits, is something that we must always do, not only now because of the coronavirus. Germs often remain if we just pass a water under the tap, and that can affect our health.

Steps to disinfect vegetables correctly

  1. Before starting, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Never cut or peel vegetables before disinfecting, it is better to do it once you have them completely clean.
  3. Put the vegetables in a container with water for at least two minutes to remove most of the dirt. You can also put them that time under the stream of the tap.
  4. If you see that they have a lot of dirt or dirt, use a sponge without soap or a brush to remove it.
  5. Remove the outer sheets and those that you see that are damaged or damaged in any way.
  6. When it comes to disinfecting vegetables, it is very important that any utensil that we are going to use are also clean and disinfected.
  7. Once the vegetables are clean, fill the sink or a large bowl with water, a size that will fit the vegetables you want to disinfect.
  8. Add in the container a specific disinfectant product for food, in the amount recommended by the manufacturer in each case.
  9. Dip the vegetables so that they are completely covered by the water.
  10. Leave the vegetables submerged a minimum of two minutes, or the time indicated by the manufacturer of the disinfectant.
  11. After the indicated time, drain the vegetables as much as possible and run them through the stream of the tap to eliminate any rest. They will be ready for preparation and cooking.