How to clean white walls with vinegar

Keeping our home clean should be a purpose to always fulfill, you have more or less time available for these tasks. Today we show you how clean white walls with vinegar so you can have them shiny, so you can make better use of free time due to confinement due to the coronavirus.

White walls will never go out of style, as they are a decorative staple that can always set trends and they fit perfectly into any style and in any room of the home. Vinegar is a powerful household cleaner, and it can help make your white walls look better than ever.

Steps to clean white walls with vinegar

  1. First of all, this remedy will only work if the paint is oil, since otherwise it might not resist.
  2. Clear the walls of both furniture and paintings or decorative elements, they must be completely empty.
  3. Protects the soil with plastic or newspaper, as if you were going to paint, to protect it from the mixture you are going to prepare.
  4. Wrap the brush of a broom Using a clean dry cloth, wipe it across the entire surface of the wall to remove dirt, dust, cobwebs, or whatever may have accumulated.
  5. Mix in a vinegar bucket and dishwasher or detergent in equal parts and stir well so that both ingredients are well integrated.
  6. Soak a sponge in the mixture and wash the wall from top to bottom, rubbing gently and hardening only in areas with difficult stains.
  7. Be especially careful when going through areas where there are plugs or switches, in which case you should drain the sponge as much as possible so they don’t get any liquid.
  8. Once you have passed the entire wall, fill a bucket only with water and take another sponge.
  9. Dampen the clean sponge in water and run it over the walls to remove the remains of the previous mixture.
  10. When you’re done cleaning white walls, wipe the surface dry with a clean, dry cloth.