How to find a job on Linkedin

Linkedin is the professional network par excellence. Most professionals looking for work, or want to find clients create a profile in it.

There are several objectives that are taken into account when registering on this platform. If you have a project and want to find clients, or make your brand known, you can use it.

The other option to delve into it, and have a presence on Linkedin is the desire to find a job within the specialty you have studied.

On this platform, HR professionals are always on the lookout to find suitable candidates for the job vacancies they post.

Finding work, and clients on Linkedin, is possible. From my experience, I will tell you that years ago I opened my profile on this platform to assess whether this was true, and it has been. It has not only happened to me the fact of finding collaborators and clients, but also other professionals who have ended up achieving their objective.

But you may be wondering, how do I start to move within this platform to get what I need? In this article I will give you a series of guidelines to help you put them into practice, and get to know this social network better to get the most out of it.

How to start using Linkedin?

The first thing you should do is follow these series of steps to have a high-level profile:

  • Register with your email, and create a user taking care of every detail. Talk about yourself, what you do, what has led you to specialize, what you want to achieve, and how you work, for example. That little initial summary is one of the things that grabs the attention of HR professionals.
  • Include your studies, indicating where you took them as well as their duration, the years, and the specialties you have achieved.
  • It is very important that you include your work experience in detail. This (if you are looking for a job) will help make it clear that you have experience in certain actions, or subjects with just a first glance.
  • Also include your skills, in which subjects you are a specialist. Later, your contacts will be able to assess them.
  • If you collaborate in a solidarity project, you can also put it.
  • Register in interest groups, in all those that you consider may be the companies you want, or potential clients. But participate, there is no point in belonging to them if you do not interact to make yourself known.
  • Find friends with related interests, and follow the same pattern taking into account your goals: if you are looking for a job, or if you need clients, ask for friendship from those who are related to what you need.

How to start looking for a job on Linkedin?

Once you are online, and you have created a prominent profile, and an interesting network of contacts for your interests, it is time to work on the strategy in depth. It starts with the following:

  • Be clear about your goals. You already have your online presence on Linkedin, so with effort and patience you must plan your strategy.
  • Start using LinkedIn Job Search to find a job. You can configure your employment preferences in it, the sectors that interest you, location of the company, themes, among other parameters. The application will send you job offers taking into account this previous configuration that you have made. You can also search for offers through the use of keywords to better segment and specify the search.
  • Talk to your network of contacts. When you go to them to ask for friendship, send them a personalized message, and try to create synergies so that they can give collaborations, or work proposals.
  • Start posting content on your wall. Don’t forget that your profile will be browsed by all the human resources managers of the offers that interest you, and if it stands out for its work, its detail, and good information about your experience, it will be an excellent way to stand out above the rest.
  • In groups, bring up topics of conversation, share your content and generate debate. Try to talk about what you are a specialist in to work on your brand image, and improve it little by little. People will see you as a reference and they will come to you if they can see that you are the solution to their problems.
  • Ask for recommendations. This is something that will validate your experience, and enhance your cover letter. If there are opinions on your profile about your worth and experience, it will be very helpful to achieve your job goals.

As you will see, this social network can be a good way to find a job, and also clients if you have your own project. With these guidelines, you can create a high-level profile to start implementing an effective strategy.