How to find the PIN number of a gift card

The PIN numbers of the gift cards are used to activate the card and make purchases with it. Depending on the type of card, the PIN number can be located on the back or front of the card under a scratch tag, or in an email, in the case of an electronic gift card.

Turn the gift card. You should see a scratch tag or a number strip on the back of the card. This is your PIN number.

Using a coin or your fingernail, gently scrape the label to reveal your PIN number. If you have an electronic gift card, your PIN number should be in the email you received when you bought the card or activated it.

When you make purchases, whether online, in person or by phone, you must enter your PIN number each time, in most cases. An exception to this rule is iTunes gift cards, which require you to download and install iTunes first and create an account to register and activate the card. iTunes does not require the PIN number to be entered each time the gift card balance is used to make purchases.