How to know if a payment order has been charged

Payment orders can be used to pay bills instead of using a personal check. They are sold in several places, such as the post office, WalMart, MoneyGram and Western Union. There are some times when you need to know if the money order has been charged, such as when the beneficiary has not received the payment order. To know if a money order has been charged, you must submit an application and pay a fee.

Determine the location of the place where the payment order has been purchased. Some places may charge you a fee to track it.

Fill out a “payment order claim card” on the MoneyGram website, if you purchased the money order there. This can also be done in person, at any MoneyGram location. You will have to present the demand card and the receipt. There is also a $ 15 fee to track the payment order.

If the money order was purchased at Western Union, visit their website to track it. Click on the “Money Order” tab. Click on the “Learn more about money orders” link. In the “Let us help you find missing or lost money orders” section, download the “Purchase Form” (purchase form). This form must be completed, notarized and mailed with a charge of US $ 15.

Go to your local post office to submit a 6401 form and locate a payment order purchased in USPS. You will have to pay a fee of US $ 5.20 in the United States.

If you bought it in a WalMart, go to any of its supermarkets and give the staff the receipt to see if the payment order has been charged.


The fees to track the payment order are not refundable.