How to send a payment online to someone using a credit card

If you want to send a payment online to someone, you’re in luck. There are several options to move money online. Online money transfers have made life much easier in the past in recent years, and now you can pay to anyone you need without even leaving home. In order to make a payment to someone using an online credit card, you only need to have the card information and a few indications about what options you have at your fingertips.

Open a PayPal account. It is free and you can deposit money in the bank account directly from your PayPal account using your credit card. Also, if the person you are trying to pay also has a PayPal account, they will receive the money almost instantly.

Use Western Union. Western Union allows you to pay someone with your credit card by sending the money to your bank account online, or by sending the money online so they can pick it up at any Western Union office. Get ready to pay a small fee to Western Union and a money advance fee with your credit card.

Access your bank’s website and make an electronic bank transfer. The other person will receive the money the same day. Or, if your two banks offer it, you can make a transfer from bank to bank (which will be cheaper and maybe even free).