Can a broken dollar bill be deposited?

Occasionally you might encounter a broken dollar bill or other paper money in the same conditions. Unfortunately, you will never know if the employee of a store or a bank will accept it or not. However, if the ticket is in certain conditions, it might be possible. Otherwise, you can check it with a US Treasury branch.

Serial Number Check

The employee of a store or a bank can take the ticket. It all depends on whether the dollar serial number is still visible on each piece. If so, you have the opportunity to repair it.

Dollar bill repair

Never use anything other than clear adhesive tape to repair the dollar bill. Be sure to align the tape correctly along the broken section so that tearing is not noticeable. After doing so, the employee can accept your dollar.

US Bureau of Engraving and Printing

This federal agency is a division of the US Department of the Treasury. and allows you to deliver the broken money for compensation. Although the process is a bit lengthy, it may be the only option when stores do not accept it. However, before presenting your torn money, you have to write a letter explaining how it was mutilated and what you think its value is.

Send it to the Office

After you have completed your letter, you can send your broken money to this address that is viable as of 2011:

Bureau of Engraving and Printing MCD / OFM, BEPA Room 344A PO Box 37048 Washington DC 20013

It is a requirement to send it by registered mail. You can also deliver your broken money in person at the office. The Washington DC office is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 2 pm, except holidays as of August 2011.