How to write a letter for an expired check

An overdue check is a check that has not been cashed within six months of the date it was issued. Some banks may pay checks even if they have passed the 180-day period, but they are not required to do so and may refuse to pay the check if they wish. If you have received a check with an expired date from someone, you must send a cessation of payment or a replacement letter to the original issuer of the check for a new check to be issued.

Write the name of the original recipient of the check on the upper left side of the page. Under your name, write your address, and then write your city name, state and zip code on the following line.

Leave a couple of lines and write the date you are sending the letter on the left side of the page.

Skip another line and type: “Dear (Recipient’s Name)”. Place a comma at the end of the line, and on the next line write the date on which the check was originally issued by him. For example, “On July 11, 2004, the following check was issued by you.”

Leave a line and write the check number.

Write the name of the beneficiary on the next line, and then write the amount of the check on the next line.

Skip a line and explain the intention of the letter. All you have to say is that the check was previously issued and has not been cashed within the six month period. He goes on to say that you would like the check to be reissued, and that you need some additional information to do so. Write your contact information below and then add your signature at the end of the letter.

Leave a few lines and place the address where you would like the replacement check sent to you. Skip a line and add space for the beneficiary to enter a signature, a printed name, the date and a telephone number.