How to know if someone is married using a free method

The marriage is for many an event unparalleled in their lives; a union between two people who are committed to spending their lives as a couple.

In the vast majority of modern countries and cultures the marriage union takes place, both in a legal and religious context. And usually marriage ceremonies are held in a church or court.

After the marriage ceremony, the law requires that certain documentation be submitted to the courts or civil registry, to register the marriage certificate.

Although marriage certificates and records are public information, in the vast majority of cases it is not freely available. According to, requests for a copy of a marriage certificate generally must be made in person at the County Clerk’s office (in the United States) or a court, and are subject to restrictions on who can access to them.

Some companies charge a fee to find out if a person is married. Please note that certified copies of a marriage license are public information and are available, but you may be charged a fee for issuing a certified copy.

Before deciding on a private investigator, you can try the internet, where with an advanced search you can find valuable information about a person and find out whether or not they are married, in addition to their true date of birth, place of work, and even, if he has been a criminal at some point in his past.

Here are a series of free tools that will help you know if someone you started a relationship with is completely sincere or not. Let’s review some of them.

Free ways to find out if someone is married or not

Perhaps the most efficient way to find out if someone has been married or not is the simplest and most naive way: chat with family and friends and subtly introduce the subject.

Then, as recommends, an incisive question can be asked about whether or not your potential partner has been engaged in the past; Here you must pay close attention to the reaction of the person: if he is slow to respond, if he hesitates, if he avoids eye contact or if he is evasive, then he must have a lot to tell.

Find the person’s name in Google is another easy way to find any information about it. Some courts or tribunals keep copies of judgments or trial records in web repositories, which you can access from the search engine results pages.

Another way to rule out whether or not someone is married is by checking the profiles of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn; Although many people who are looking for extra-marital relationships create new profiles, you can see if the photos or mentions are associated with other profiles or friends; You can also do a reverse image search on Google Images, which can lead you to the real hidden profiles.

Another free option to find out if someone is married, which is reviewed in detail at ; consists of finding marriage records online, although this requires certain information such as the person’s full name or “maiden name”, the county or locality, and obviously the state or country where we can believe that the person in question has been married; You also have to know a possible time range between which the ceremony could have been carried out.

The vast majority of probate courts or domestic relations courts have databases or online repositories (check if this is possible in your country), so you can go to Google search and type “County marriage records … ”Or“ County vital records… ”; It is recommended that you do the search in Spanish and English.

It is very likely that in all search results that end in “.gov” or “.us” (or the equivalent in your country) you can find websites that have a link to the probate court where you can search for the department of marriage licenses. For example, the Cuyahoga County Probate Court has a license search summary that contains current and historical data.

If you want to obtain a certified copy of a marriage record, in physical form, consider that there are records available to the public through probate courts. They are generally open Monday through Friday during office hours. Marriage tests are available free of charge to the public. To obtain a certified copy you may have to make a small payment.