How to make advertising brochures

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Advertising brochures are an effective way to promote a product or service. They can be sent in bulk, inserted in the local newspaper, distributed manually or sent as an attachment via email. Create an attractive brochure that responds to the needs of consumers and you will stimulate the response to your advertising message.

Get electronic images of the products or services that will be offered on the flyer. Take photos with a digital camera, or if the business is a franchise, the corporate website may have images available for download.

Define the purpose of the advertising message and create a catchy title. This should be a powerful description that captures the attention of consumers, appealing to their own interests in a positive way.

Keep the message in the short copy and to the point, focusing on the benefits first. Appeal to emotions. Use clearly defined bullets to make the text easy to read. It concludes the message with the characteristics that describe the product or service, and includes contact information.

In addition to product photos, connect to the Internet to collect colorful clip art that complements the advertising message. If it’s a holiday brochure, use flashy graphics to match a festive atmosphere.

Design the layout of the brochure using software such as Microsoft Word, Publisher or Adobe InDesign. Use bold colors and great photos to get attention. Set the title in large letters, use subtitles to separate the copy and keep the line length short for easy reading.

Print the brochure or save it as a PDF file (portable document format). If printed, determine the amount needed according to how it will be distributed. If you will send them electronically, have a list of carefully researched email recipients ready.


Only 1 in 5 people will read the brochure body, the rest will be limited to the header, so make the headline count. If you will print it, use recycled paper and note it on the flyer with the recycle symbol. It includes a call to action with a limited time offer or other incentive to attract customers to act now.


Don’t overload the flyer with too much text and don’t fill it with too many images. Less is more. If you send a PDF version, make sure the recipient is open to receive ads in this way. Never send spam to potential customers.