Typical sponsor offers for events

Companies that sponsor events operate with very different motivations than those of philanthropists. These sponsor an event not for a charity factor to feel good, but in exchange for tangible benefits. Although the general tendency of the sponsorship offer is to provide sponsors with visibility, presence in the media, participation in events and advertising opportunities, the finer details have to be resolved in consultation with each individual sponsor, and taking into account The nature of the event counts.

Building brand opportunities

Name one of the sponsor’s brands as the official product of the event. Include the logo, name and images of the company on tickets, coupons, catalogs, brochures, invitations and gifts that are part of your event. It provides the sponsor with exclusive or non-exclusive visibility in the signage of the place, such as buildings, volunteer and staff uniforms, perimeter signs, banners and LCD presentation screens.

Sales Opportunities

It offers stalls with signage that bears the name and logo of the sponsor. Give the sponsor the opportunity to organize on-site product demonstrations, exhibits or samples for event attendees. With sponsors of the food industry, it offers exclusive rights to sell snacks and soft drinks. When your sponsor is a local business organization, provide an introduction to potential customers who may be interested in partnering with them.

Media exposure

Include the name and logo of the sponsor and the status of the sponsor in all interactions with the media you make to promote the event. This may include press conferences, radio and television ads and advertisements. Offer sponsors visibility on your website to promote the event and consider installing links to websites. Show the name and logo of the sponsor on the letterheads you use for press releases and packaging material for gift packages to the media.

Naming rights

It offers sponsors defined name rights, with a degree of exposure according to the level of sponsorship. For example, give a higher level sponsor the name rights of an important part of the event, the event website, or a popular event-based trophy. A lower level sponsor may receive the rights to name a minor event, a physical section in place, or one of the contests held on the website promoting the event.

Courtesy Offers

Some offers you make are useful for sponsors to build relationships with their contacts or business partners. These offers usually include courtesy tickets for the event, reservation of VIP seating areas and early access to tickets for the event before they are put up for public sale. If the event includes the participation of celebrities, it offers sponsors and their partners an introduction to celebrities. Other courtesy offers include the participation of a charity that the sponsor names in your event, or the donation of a portion of the income you generate from the sale of tickets to an organization that supports the sponsor.

Participation in the event

It allows the sponsor to open the event or throw the coin at the beginning of a sporting event. It includes the sponsors in the presentation of the prizes or in the introduction of the celebrities in the event. Depending on the level of sponsorship, offer them opportunities for stage events such as announcing a part of the show, presenting a brief review of the company, presenting a speaker or delivering a welcome speech.