How to make posters for March 8, Women’s day

He is coming International Women’s Day So if you are preparing to go to one of the many demonstrations that will take place this coming March 8, nothing like going with a sign or banner that you can do at home. Let’s see below, a guide of steps in which we explain How to make posters for Women’s Day.

Vindictive, emotional or fun. You choose the message that you want to transmit through your poster for Women’s Day. A message that you can write on any piece of cardboard or cardboard, but that you can also elaborate with these steps below.

How to make posters for Women’s Day

  1. To make posters for Women’s Day, you must first obtain the necessary materials which are really little: cardboard or cardboard, permanent markers and pencil. Also, you must have an effective phrase (at the end of the post we leave you some sentences), but the advice is to write short sentences that may surprise or impact whoever reads your poster.
  2. After identifying the sentence you are going to write, you must decide if what you want is to use a cardboard of some special color (remember that Lila is the one that represents International Women’s Day), or a simple paperboard. Dimensions better be large If you want the poster to be seen or you can make several equal posters of a smaller size and distribute them among your friends so that all of you carry one at the demonstration.
  3. Work on a flat surface As a table or directly from the floor, this way, you will manage the space better and you will be much more comfortable, avoiding making mistakes when writing the message.
  4. With the help of a pencil, write your message big and in clear letters. When you finish writing it, you can use the permanent markers and check the lines. Se recommends using colours such as black, blue and red, as they stand out more. In particular, you can use the colour red to highlight the keywords of the phrase or slogan. Then you can customize the poster to your liking. For example, you can add a drawing or newspaper clipping that has to do with your message.
  5. Another idea that we can think of is to print a background that you like, to stick on the cardboard, before making the letters or writing the message. If you choose this, make sure that the background is not very striking or that it is almost transparent so that the letters of your message are seen clearly.
  6. In if you decide to make your poster on a large sheet, it will be good that in addition to painting the slogan or phrase with large letters and in black, add a couple of wooden sticks at the ends to make it easier for you to hold during the demonstration for women’s day.

Phrases for women’s Day posters

Now that we have explained how to make posters for Women’s Day, we also want to offer you ideas from some phrases that you can use to write on those posters or banners.

  1. The woman is the true principle of continuity of a people.
  2. Let’s promote equality between women.
  3. When you talk about a woman, remember that your mother is a woman.
  4. If a woman surrenders, it is because she has overcome.
  5. The woman is not measured from head to toe but from an infinite heart.
  6. Congratulations on being a woman… we owe you everything.
  7. Women did not freely earn their place in the world.
  8. For every step a woman takes towards equality, humanity advances towards freedom.
  9. “If you want anything to be said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman “. Margaret Thatcher.
  10. “I can’t stop while there are lives to save” Edith Cavell.