How to make cards for International Women’s day

If you wish you could celebrate International Women’s Day in style, nothing like spending the day with the women of your family or with your friends. To all of them, you can also give some of the cards for March 8, International Women’s Day what we teach you to do next.

The crafts to celebrate International Women’s Day can be varied, and although many will focus on making posters for the manifestations that will occur on the day of next Sunday, we can also to surprise our mother, aunt, sister, cousin or best friend, with a card that highlights your figure as a woman.

How to make cards for March 8, International Women’s Day

As a gift to give to those we love, why not create cards for Women’s Day? It is a simple and inexpensive gift that will reach the hearts of the women in your life, whether they are mothers, sisters, daughters or more. And in addition to teaching you the steps to make cards for Women’s Day, we will also add some phrases to congratulate on March 8 and so write a nice dedication on the inside of the card you make.

To make a card for International Women’s Day, you will need the following materials:

  • 1 semi-rigid white cardboard;
  • 1 pencil;
  • 1 pair of scissors;
  • glue;
  • yellow tissue paper;
  • green tissue paper;
  • colored markers;
  • 1 ribbon of the color you prefer.

As for the Steps what to do to do your card for International Women’s Day, are these:

  1. We will begin cutting our cardboard so that it is the size of a card. You should trim so that by fold in half get your card.
  2. With the pencil, draw one or more leaves on the green tissue paper;
  3. Then, cut the drawn sheets and paste them in the outside of the card.
  4. It continues with the creation of a mimosa flower, gluing many tiny balls of yellow tissue paper;
  5. At the base of the mimosa flower that you have created on the outside of the card, you have to glue a colored tape in addition;
  6. Let dry off.
  7. Next, with a few colored markers, you have to write inside the person’s name to whom you want to give the International Women’s Day card.
  8. Then you write the message, dedication, or poem for that person in special letters.

See how easy it is to make cards for Women’s Day? You can make others using for example dry petals to stick on the outside or if you are good at drawing, you can take a lilac cardboard (the color of this day) and you draw a woman to represent the person to receive your card. Further, add some of the phrases that we now propose to you.

Phrases for cards for International Women’s Day

  1. Happy day of working women. That you continue fighting to achieve your dreams as you have done so far.
  2. March 8 reminds us how important women are during all the days of our lives.
  3. Mother, wife, daughter, companion, neighbor, grandmother, sister … Thank you all for filling the world with light and joy.
  4. Congratulations to all the women who support the world, because without you the world would not exist.
  5. A few nice words to thank you for everything you do to make life easier for all of us. What would become of us without you!
  6. I would like to be a tear to be born in your eyes, live on your cheeks and die on your lips. Happy March 8!
  7. My most sincere love for being so persistent and brave. You are a role model.
  8. Today, March 8, is women’s day. I hope it is full of happiness, smile, fun, and your most secret dreams can be fulfilled. But what I really want is that these same pleasant events fill your life all year long.
  9. March 8 is the day that reminds us how important women are during all the moments of our lives. Congratulations on your day!.
  10. For a simply charming woman. Congratulations on your day!.