How to open a Little Caesars Pizza franchise

Little Caesars Pizza is a franchise business founded in the Detroit metropolitan area in 1959. Since its inception, it was known for its original flavors and incomparable offerings.

It started its franchise scheme in the United States just three years after its foundation, in 1962. Today it is an internationally positioned brand with a presence in eighteen countries and more than four thousand stores.

Little Caesars Pizza, became known as the chain of pizzeria US fastest growing and expanding its motto and legacy of “originality.” They were the creators of the promotional tactic “2×1” today recognized and used in almost all pizza chains.

Another of his legacies is the “Hot-n-Ready” concept that revolutionized the fast food business decades ago. It is a service scheme through which you arrive at the store, order, pay and take your pizza in “less than 5 minutes.

Not only is it a pioneer in these concepts, but it also has a highly competitive pricing scheme that has allowed it to steal ground from competitors such as Domino’s or Pizza Hut, ranking third in the American market and in the fight to gain ground. So it seeks to expand within and outside the United States.

Within the corporate vision of Little Caesars Pizza is to continue expanding globally, therefore they seek to enter and position themselves in Latin American markets with a growing middle class.

What do you need to open a Little Caesars Pizza location?

The first thing you need to open a Little Caesars Pizza location is capital. You should be aware that according to company policies a potential owner must have a net worth of at least $ 250,000; of which, a minimum of USD 100,000 must be in cash.

We must demonstrate potential to be candidates for financing, this in case of not being able to cover the total cost of starting the premises with our own resources. Amount that ranges between USD 334,000 and USD 1,370,500.

The first sum corresponds to express stores of about 415 square feet that can be located in service stations or convenience stores and the highest amount corresponds to large and independent stores.

Speaking of premises, Little Caesars Pizza admits that it can be owned or rented, remodeling and equipment costs range from USD 200,000 to USD 1,050,000 and are already included within the total investment required above.

A plus point is that the potential franchisee has restaurant experience. However, within the packages Little Caesars Pizza offers are both on-site training and a full six-week training program in Detroit.

Franchise fees are not limited to the initial one and include ongoing royalty payments of approximately 6%; 5% advertising and other expenses indicated in the franchise agreement. This agreement describes the type of control you have as a franchisee and over certain decisions.

The company’s website offers good details about the amount of each item to be invested and the packages it offers, so that you can check their website and join our brand.

How to open a Little Caesars Pizza franchise?

Visit the Little Caesars Pizza website, above, to read how the franchise system works and understand the profits you will be able to make and the specific franchise fees you will need to pay in order to operate.

Submit a franchise application to Little Caesars Pizza using the format you can find on the website, as well as the other requirements that will be evaluated by company personnel. They will send you an email with the application for the franchise. You must fill out and resubmit this application.

If you meet all the requirements, they will send you a “Franchise Disclosure Document.” Which will help you with due diligence and the decision to buy the franchise well in advance of any commitment or obligation.

After signing and submitting the Franchise Disclosure Documents, a Little Caesars Pizza licensing consultant will contact you to arrange a Presentation and Interview date.

After which, you will be notified whether or not you have been approved to become a Little Caesars franchisee.

If you are admitted, you must make the deposit and attend a real estate and property selection training class. When you have the place, and if you agree, you can attend the operations training program in Detroit for 6 weeks.

The adaptations of the approved premises, usually begin in parallel during this training, and generally should conclude at the end of this training session.

Finally the inauguration! You are a Little Caesars Pizza franchisee!