How to send an international bank transfer

International bank transfers are used to transfer money from a national banking institution to a foreign financial account. These operations are also known in English as “wires” or “wire transfers”. Transferring your money in this way is a quick and convenient process. The transfer itself occurs immediately, but in general, there is a period of two to seven days after the funds have been placed so that they can be withdrawn by the receiving party. The exact waiting time varies depending on the policies of each financial institution.

Check with your bank to make sure it allows international bank transfers. Some smaller local banks and credit unions do not offer this service. If your bank does not allow international transfers, you may need to look for a different option, such as direct delivery of your money through a service such as Western Union or MoneyGram.

Get the route number and the associated account number to which you are trying to transfer your money. Some international banks only need a routing and account number similar to what is used for your national bank account. Other banks may require a SWIFT and/or the IBAN number. The World Society for International Bank Transfers assigns SWIFT numbers in 207 countries in an effort to normalize international bank transfers. IBAN numbers are universal in bank accounts used throughout Europe and 34 other countries. Call the receiving bank or visit their website for information on your international transfer needs. Banks provide both the SWIFT and the IBAN number through the telephone and, sometimes,

Log in to your online bank account if you wish to make your transfer from the Internet. Click on the “Transfers” tab and then on “Transfer outside the bank”. Select the account to which you want to transfer the money and enter the route and the number of the account to which you are trying to transfer the money. If necessary, enter the SWIFT and/or IBAN numbers. Designate the amount of money you wish to transfer and click submit. These instructions may vary slightly with different banks, but in general, they will be the same or very similar.

Go to your bank and tell the cashier that you would like to make an international bank transfer. Most banks will have to fill out and sign a form. The form will ask you for your account information, the amount of the transfer along with the route and the number of the receiving account. The cashier will be able to enter the information you have provided on the equipment and complete the rest of the transfer for you.

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What is Chase global transfer

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