How to send money with FedEx

Sending money through the mail is not always a good idea. The money can be removed from the envelope (or the letter could disappear altogether). That is why sending money (if you must send it) through small package carriers such as FedEx is safer. The money placed in a package is no different than other packages within the system, so that cash does not attract attention more than other packages.

Pack the box (or large envelope) used to send the money before arriving at the FedEx office.

Ask for a signature on the package at the time of delivery. In this way the person who receives the money must first sign for it. (This also prevents FedEx delivery personnel from leaving the package at the front door). This process costs some extra dollars (depending on the way you send the package and the place where you send it).

Choose to secure it. Determine the value of the money and pay the required deposit. The deposit is a small percentage of the actual value (again depending on the shipping mode and where it is headed). This ensures that you receive all your money back in case the package is lost or stolen.

Pay for shipping and deliver the FedEx package with the money to the FedEx employee. You will be given a tracking number for the package that will allow you to track your progress online at


FedEx (in the same way as other letter delivery services) advises not to send money through the system, since the money could be lost or stolen after the distribution (if the package is left at the door or if it breaks and the money falls).