How to set up Direct Deposit Wells Fargo

Direct deposit ( direct deposit ) is a better way to receive your salary in the bank without having to exchange or receive a check from your employer, employment or social security. By activating direct deposit you receive your money faster and in a more effective way. Direct deposit allows you to save monthly charges that your bank can charge you for keeping your account open.

To receive direct deposit you need to have an account in the open bank. It doesn’t matter if the account is savings or checking, you can receive direct deposit in any way. Direct deposit is a smart option because it frees you from the tedious process of changing checks and gives you access to your funds instantly at the moment the transfer is made.

To activate direct deposit you will need:

  • The account number to which you want the money to go.
  • Your bank’s routing number or ABA numberhow to find your bank’s routing number. The ABA number or routing number indicates which bank your money should be placed in.

How to make direct deposit:

  1. If you wish to activate the direct deposit with the company where you work, you must contact the Human Resources department and give them the account information in which you will receive your direct deposit. Generally, the Human Resources department will give you a form (it is commonly known as “Direct deposit form” in which you must fill in your information, including your account number and routing number of your bank. Some companies make it easier and can do this process by delivering an account check Where do you want the money to go with the word « VOID » (cancelled).
  2. If you wish to activate the direct deposit with the Social Security department, call them and give them your account number and your bank’s routing number.

When making your direct deposit remember:

  • Direct deposit is an electronic transaction, so it is important that the bank’s routing number (ABA number) and the number of your account where you want to receive the money are correct. If you are wrong in this information it may be that your money is deposited in your account. Click here to see how to find your ABA number.

Direct deposit can help you make your life easier and reduce paper checks you receive. With just a simple process, you can activate it and start receiving your payment electronically.