Shave Ice Business Setup

The Snowball is prepared by scraping an ice block with a special machine that works similar to the Garlopa (carpenter’s brushes), that is, it has a built-in blade that is tearing the ice until it becomes thin and achieving a fluffy and soft texture that recalls to the snowflakes. Subsequently, syrup or syrup is added to flavor it.

Start your own Shave Ice or Snow ball

Snowball are products that are sold quite well in hot weather, and are easy to prepare.

To start a Snowball Stand business, you require:

  • An ice supplier (of purified water)
  • The ice scraper (in case of stick ice), or an ice grinding machine (in case of cubed ice)
  • If you decide to make your own syrups, (which is the most advisable to save costs) you will need a stove, blender and kitchen utensils.
  • A refrigerator to store open syrups.
  • Glass jars for storing syrups.
  • Supplier of disposable cups, straws and spoons. A supplier of raw materials where you can also buy artificial flavors and colors for your syrups.
  • A table to place your jars and sell the scrapes.
  • This thing will help a lot, that the place where you sell your Snowball is Crowded.
  • To complement your business, you can sell Churro and Chocolate in cold times. So you will occupy your place in times of heat (Snowball Business) and cold (Churro and chocolate Business).
  • Design a nice logo that Identifies your business, as well as establish your mission, vision and values.