How to start a spicy wings restaurant

People everywhere enjoy spicy wings. If a good spicy wings restaurant is missing in your community, consider starting one. With your own mix of secret sauce, you could have customers coming from everywhere to try your wings. If you have some time and money to invest this may be an opportunity for you.

Decide the specifics of your restaurant. You can offer food service there or simply to take away or home delivery. Consider other items you want to offer as accompaniments, drinks, boneless wings or other main dishes. Locate the ideal property for your new restaurant. It must be large enough to put your kitchen and preparation areas as well as seating for customers if you are going to offer this service.

Start experimenting with spicy sauces. Ideally, you will want to have at least three different levels of spicy. You can be creative and offer other sauces such as teriyaki, garlic or lemon with pepper. Consider what type of dressings you will use too. Ranch and blue cheese are popular options but you can also offer other varieties such as honey mustard and barbecue sauce.

Buy any equipment you need such as deep fryers, ovens, triple sinks, large bowls and filters. Start fixing your kitchen and store non-perishable food. If you plan to start a spicy wings restaurant to eat right there buy plates, glasses and cutlery.

Decide the name and get marketing materials. This includes logo, menus, outdoor posters, website, business cards and advertisements in local media.

Have your deliverymen ready. You will need a good supplier of chicken, one of the drinks and maybe one of several products, depending on what food items you decided to offer. Ask for a merchant account so you can accept credit cards. Have all your public services connected and get all the health inspections required by your municipality.

Hire your staff. You will need someone who can cook spicy wings as well as several people to do the prep work and wash the dishes. You will also need waiters, cashiers, someone to take orders to take away and delivery people, depending on what type of business you decided to carry out.

Plan a grand opening and invite everyone you meet. You may want to offer discounts the first week to generate word of mouth advertising.


Do not copy the hot sauce recipes from other restaurants. The success of a spicy wings restaurant is for its own original sauce.