How to track a package in EMS

EMS is the acronym for Express Mail Service or Express Mail Service . The international postal service for both documents and merchandise.

EMS is a type of international shipping service in which we work with the postal service of each participating country to deliver international or domestic packages.

We must remember that the postal service is offered by each country, regulated by its laws and rates, in any case a regulated rate type contribution is paid below the companies of private delivery companies.

The Express Mail Service is an expedited mail service, where the customer pays a surcharge that allows priority in delivery.

The EMS operates internationally through the postal service more than 180 member countries of the UPU or “Universal Postal Union” a specialized agency of the United Nations that coordinates and harmonizes the postal policies of its member countries.

In 1998 the UPU created the EMS Express Mail Service under the figure of an international Cooperative, seeking a global network of harmonized and unique postal service throughout the world.

In the United States, the EMS service operates under the scheme of Priority Mail Express International , part of the United States Postal Service, which joined the EMS Cooperative in 1999 and reaches more than three hundred million people. In Mexico EMS operates with the support of Correos de México .

According to the Universal Postal Union ( UPU ) EMS is a “truly global” service characterized by:

  • Acceptance at any of the post offices of the member countries, including collection at the customer’s premises.
  • Under the EMS scheme , priority treatment is provided from origin to destination.
  • End-to-end tracking.
  • Conformity and signature in the office.
  • Delivery to the recipient’s location.

Let’s keep checking How to track a package sent by EMS?

Tracking a package in EMS

It is important to be able to track the progress of the shipment of the postal package through Express Mail Service to see when the package was dispatched and anticipate its arrival.

The first thing you need to obtain is the shipping number of the person or company that will transport your package. In most cases, it will be provided to you automatically as part of the transaction and shipment receipt .

With the shipping number you will be provided with the ” EMS tracking Number ” or EMS tracking number is an alphanumeric code that begins with two letters, followed by nine numeric digits and ends with the two-letter country code, for example: EU123456783SP

Go to the EMS page in English from your browser, their website for tracking is

Enter the shipping number as well as the verification code that will be provided to you on the EMS page . This will be displayed almost automatically below the place where you have written the dispatch number.

You will be provided with a box, at the top left of the web page, to enter the ” EMS tracking Number” without first having to click on the “Tracking” button.

If the information does not appear, you can try the search the next day. It is important that you use the EMS sites of the country of origin and the country of destination. The EMS site of the country of origin will offer you the most up-to-date information on tracking and locating the package or shipment in the initial part and for its part, the EMS site of the destination country will indicate the final details.

The complete list of EMS operators in the world and their websites for information and tracking can be found at EMS Global Network-Operators

Make a note of where your package is located. The shipment status may not be updated on a daily basis and your package may remain in customs for several days before leaving the country of origin to be directed to another.

Contact the company if the package shows no progress after a week or two.

Shipping numbers can often appear incorrectly as a result of a bad translation. Most international shipping companies work hard to provide good customer service and will find the correct number in case you have been given the wrong one.

A good tool to track an EMS package is through you will need the tracking code. It not only tracks EMS packages but also private companies such as FedEx, DHL, UPS or TNT.