How to transfer the title deed of a house to another person

The title of a house is evidence of the right to possession. It is made with the name of the person who is living in the house. Owners may wish to transfer their title to another person for several reasons. Although the process involves some legal documents, transferring the title from one house to another person is an easy and quick process.

Get in touch with a lawyer who specializes in property management. These lawyers deal with housing, buildings and land issues, and are often involved in divorce proceedings, inheritances and property donations. Although you do not need a lawyer for this process, it is essential to have legal knowledge to address the following steps, especially when making the transfer to a court.

Consider the reasons why you are transferring the title so that you can determine if you need a deed of limited warranty, a deed of waiver of claim, a deed of general guarantee or another different type of deed of transfer.

Meet with the parties involved in the transfer of the title. Discuss the legal procedures of the transfer and have both parties sign the transfer document.

File the transfer with the county. Follow up with the county court to ensure your transfer has been recorded.