How to use Glyphosate

Glyphosate is a herbicide developed for the removal of perennial herbs. It is sprayed in the form of a diluted solution to be metabolized by the weeds, which then die. The first products on the market to use glyphosate were those of the Roundup line. Now there are other brands that offer glyphosate products as part of their ingredients and are used in both residential gardens and commercial agriculture. Some new grains have been genetically modified to resist glyphosate so that the herbicide eliminates the weeds without affecting the harvest. Glyphosate eliminates a wide variety of vegetables, including grasses and leafy or trunk plants and can be found in herbicide products in different proportions, from 100 g to more than 600g per litre.

He uses gloves and a mask to manipulate products based on glyphosate. Determine the proportions to dilute the herbicide according to the indications found in the product package.

Place the proportions of glyphosate and water in a spray bottle or in a pump spray. Close the lid securely and shake the container several times so that the liquid mixes well.

Spray the glyphosate solution directly on the weeds and any other plants you wish to eradicate. Avoid soaking the soil around you with the solution, as this may prevent you from growing new plants in that place.

Glyphosate is one of the most used herbicides in the United States and, when used according to the indications and in the recommended doses, it is considered one of the safest. However, its ingestion can be lethal, so you should use it only when strictly necessary and with extreme care.

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