How to withdraw money without your ATM card

Although it is useful to have an ATM debit card handy, you may face a situation where you need cash from your bank account and you don’t have the card in sight. Fortunately, using the ATM card is not your only option when withdrawing funds from your savings or checking accounts.

Give the cashier your state-issued driver’s license and explain that you do not have your ATM card handy. The cashier has the ability to search your information using your driver’s license. Then you can write a check to get the cash.

Fill in your information on a withdrawal form (available at your local bank if you don’t have one at hand) and enter your account details. Present this form at your bank and the cashier will withdraw the money from your account (depending on your bank, you may be asked for an identification document, such as your driver’s license).

Write a check receivable and present it to the cashier at your local store. Depending on the store’s policy, the cashier may or may not be authorized to receive cash from the company (because of this, it may be best to ask about this policy before writing the check). You may only be allowed to do this if you have already made a purchase.