Intrapreneur: Profile that the Business Needs

The intrapreneur try to keep the company afloat with innovation. Its pioneering attitude within the organization guarantees the subsistence of the business and is a source of competitive advantage in itself.

To understand the role of the intrapreneur, it is necessary to know well what intrapreneurship is and what it achieves.

What is intrapreneurship?

Intrapreneurship is Act as an entrepreneur within an established company. This definition encompasses all actions, ideas and projects that encourage the creation of a new business or company within an existing organization.

As a result of intrapreneurship, new sections or departments are created. Sometimes the fruit of this innovative and renewing effort It is the generation of a derivative subsidiary.

How can you recognize an intrapreneur?

Sometimes It is easy to identify the intrapreneur in a company. It is usually that person who always has refreshing proposals and the table full of sticky notes with examples of business options.

Did you know that Gmail is the result of the ideas of a Google intrapreneur? In the company, they allow their employees to spend 20% of their time in devising new projects and the most used email today was the result of one of them.

The intrapreneur is loyal to the organization, is self-motivated and proves that entrepreneurship is not strictly associated with startups.

These types of professionals are characterized by their business vision and entrepreneurial spirit and are behind the creation of value for the business through new products, new forms of management or alternatives for the use of available assets.

There is no doubt that, in an era where competition has intensified, companies need this figure to remain relevant and well positioned.

How is an intrapreneur different from an entrepreneur?

Unlike entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs work with the resources of an existing company. This offers them important support. That security guarantee is the main difference with entrepreneurs, who risk their own assets.

Further, the intrapreneur does not usually start completely from scratch, but instead focuses on applying an alternative vision to something already existing. In this way, he manages to create something that had not been done before or that had not been implemented in the same way.

How to get an intrapreneur on staff?

The first step is to attract talent and, once you have the right profiles, you have to give them the necessary tools so that they achieve the goal of intrapreneurship.

Time is a basic resource upon which talent depends in order to find the time to put creativity to work. Although not only a matter of enabling a few hours a day for this purpose. It takes adequate tools, a favourable climate and motivation.

In addition, we must bear in mind that intrapreneurship is not for everyone. There are a lot industries that, although they have a staff intrapreneur, cannot benefit from the disruption because they are governed by strict internal policies or firmly regulated.