90 Profitable Businesses That Require Little Money in 2023

Table of Contents

Table of contents

The lack of money cannot be an excuse to stop looking for profitable business ideas that can change your life.

Although we cannot deny that investment is needed to start a business, this sum is not so high when you find a business idea that requires other resources beyond money.

Many of today’s profitable businesses, thanks to globalization, the Internet and the democratization of information, require investments of time, knowledge and work.

Complete list of profitable business ideas to undertake:

We are not denying that you should not invest your money, since, like any idea, you need to invest in it so that it can grow.

However, these profitable business ideas that you will see below require other variables such as resourcefulness, creativity, a lot of effort and dedication.

This list of profitable businesses is organized into different themes; business ideas focused on the internet are presented, others on knowledge, the creation of products, and finally, on profitable businesses that are becoming a trend.

If you had any excuse not to undertake; such as that you do not have capital or that you do not have that business idea that can work, this list with profitable businesses will leave you without arguments.

Our job is to provide you with the information and tell you what possibilities, tools and options you have to start. However, it is your decision to learn how to start a business and take the risks that this implies.

In recent months, many businesses have had to update, change, opt for new sources of income. So this list has also had to be adjusted to recommend business ideas that work in this day and age.

How this profitable business guide is organized:

  • Internet business
  • Service Businesses
  • Consulting Business
  • Businesses with potential
  • trending businesses
  • Sustainable Business

Note: Undertaking Stories receives a commission from our affiliate partners when you buy through our affiliate links. However, our recommendations are independent and objective.

Profitable businesses to earn money online:

Let’s start this profitable business guide with those business ideas to make money online that all you need is a computer and a connection.

That is to say, we will talk about the profitable business alternatives that you have on the Internet, a tool full of business opportunities, where low investments are required and you can access clients around the world from the comfort of your home.

Although the investment may be small to start, you must keep in mind that these profitable businesses take time to generate interesting income, you must have a lot of dedication, flexibility to adapt your business to market conditions and have a long-term vision.

1. Create a niche website

Well said Alexis Ohanian, the founder of Reddit, that the Internet is the American dream multiplied by ten.

If you think about it, on the web we are all on equal terms, we are all one click away, and anyone, with a low investment, can create a blog from scratch, in a matter of 10 minutes.

A blog is a tool that allows you to talk about a topic that interests you, share your opinion, experience, tools and different types of content for a related community.

Blogs, or digital publications, are an excellent way to make your point of view known and, in the process, generate very interesting income.

Free training: Create a profitable website from scratch

If you want to learn how to create a profitable website from scratch, I want to invite you to the free training in which I teach you the 3-step methodology to launch your website from scratch.

I used this methodology that I am going to teach you to create this website that you are reading, and which has had five-figure monthly billings every month.

And best of all, you don’t need previous experience, technical knowledge or a business idea. In other words, you will learn step by step how to create a profitable niche website and monetize your passion.

Earn money with a website:

There are different ways to work from home and generate income with a blog; with platforms like Adsense, Amazon, among other affiliate platforms like LinkShare, Clickbank, etc.

To begin with, you should find a topic that interests you and that is in demand, that is, that people are interested in reading, since it makes no sense to talk about a topic that does not have web searches (at least not, if what you you are looking for is to create a business).

If you want to create a blog, you can use tools like Hostinger, which give you a domain if you decide to purchase the hosting plan with them. It is a fairly simple process with a few clicks.

Here I explain how to configure your website in less than 10 minutes:

As a curious fact, there are people who have blogs that generate hundreds of thousands of dollars per month; characters like Patt Flynn whose annual income is above two million dollars, are an example of the income that can be created if you dedicate yourself to this business.

Can you live from a blog? With my personal experience I can tell you yes.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Today, affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable options for those with experience in the digital world and who know how to make money online.

This consists of bringing traffic from blogs and web pages to products and services, in order to generate commission income. There are people who earn tens of thousands of dollars a month just doing this and getting paid for advertising.

And best of all, you don’t need to have a digital product, you don’t have to sell to your friends or family, or have previous experience.

This class is 100% in Spanish and has been taken by more than 63,000 students, so your results are guaranteed.

Now, before starting this affiliate business, make sure you recommend products that you have used and that you really know, since it is your reputation that is at stake.

The attractiveness of this business lies in having a significant fan base, which allows you to speak and recommend products or services, and the commissions generated are considerable due to the traffic you bring to said websites.

To get started visit affiliate portals such as:

Paid surveys have become an industry in the world of the internet. Thanks to the importance of consumer opinions regarding products and services, added to the accessibility provided by the web, these surveys are growing more and more.

Depending on the country where you live, you will be able to subscribe to different platforms to fill out paid surveys. Although the payment for each survey is not much, if you dedicate several hours of the day, you can generate some extra income.

These platforms are not exclusive, that is, you can subscribe to all of them and increase your chances of earning money. The most important thing is that you subscribe in your country of residence, otherwise the page will not work for you.

If you live in the United States (you can register in all of them):

– SurveyJunkie in the United States

– Branded Surveys in the United States

– Opinion Champ in the United States

– Opinion Outpost in the United States

– Lifepoints in the United States

– Ipsos in the United States, rewards site

– Surveyeah in the United States

– Surveytime in the United States

If you live in Argentina (you can register in all of them):

– Opinionland in Argentina

– Toluna in Argentina

– Surveyeah in Argentina

– Surveytime in Argentina

– Green Panthera in Argentina

If you live in Peru (you can register in all of them):

– Toluna in Peru

– Lifepoints in Peru

– Surveytime in Peru

– Surveyeah in Peru

– Ysense in Peru

If you live in Chile (you can register in all of them):

– Lifepoints in Chile

– Toluna in Chile

– Opinions valued in Chile

– Surveyeah in Chile

– Surveytime in Chile

– iSurveyWorld in Chile

– Nicequest in Chile

– Ysense in Chile

If you live in other countries:

– Surveyeah in other countries

– Surveytime in other countries

– Swagbucks in other countries

– Ysense

4. Stockbroker from home

Another very interesting and profitable business idea is to become a stockbroker, where you can buy and sell stock market assets from home.

When we talk about assets, we refer to stocks, bonds and other financial products that companies and governments use to finance their projects.

This profitable business requires you to have technical knowledge to start investing your money. If you want to start your training, we have created a guide where we explain how to invest in the stock market as a beginner.

Today there are certain stock brokers around the world who invest their money from their homes, earn a good amount of money depending on their investment strategies, and all they need is a computer with an internet connection.

And while this sounds relatively easy, what is complex is the training you must have in order not to lose your investment capital in a matter of minutes.

You must take this job seriously, study, train, take courses, attend seminars, meet other brokers and their strategies, and finally start investing your money.

5. Digital content creation service

With content marketing being one of the most popular advertising strategies today, having the ability to generate compelling and informative content for different digital communities is a highly in-demand skill that can make for a very interesting online job.

If you want to learn how to earn money writing content on the Internet, this course might interest you:

One of the most attractive profitable businesses these days is writing informative and entertaining articles for the benefit of clients.

Similarly, creating entertaining videos, slides, and even flyers can be considered content.

One of the keys to making money this way is taking advantage of the platforms that are responsible for connecting you with customers; some are Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelance.

Although it can be difficult to get clients at first, once you start to have reviews and satisfied clients, the amount of demanded content will increase.

How to turn it into a profitable business idea? When you start hiring people for content and you keep a percentage of the sale.

6. Content translation service

Mastering more than one language opens the door to numerous profitable businesses, one of them being the translation of online content.

Whether translating press releases, documents, articles or even videos for private clients, it can be a well-paid job for those who are able to do it quickly and with good results.

It is important that you add value beyond a simple translator found online; If it were a matter of literally translating content, your client could access Google’s translator for free.

The best way to do it is to ask your client what they are looking for, what tone is desired; if it is professional, close, in the third person, with complex or simple words.

Understanding the client’s objective with the content, that is, what they need it for, will help you translate it according to their expectations.

For translations to become profitable business ideas, you must add so much value to your clients that they become recurring, that is, they look for you every time they need another translation.

This market is very competitive, so to stay in it in the long term, and you don’t have to sacrifice the price of your service, focus on meeting the needs of your customers.

7. Create online courses

The most interesting thing about this type of profitable business ideas that need little capital to start, is that you only have to do the job once.

Although it can take time, resources and a lot of dedication to develop an online course, once you create it and you have everything ready, it is a matter of dedicating yourself to promoting it on social networks, blogs and the media.

The hard work is done once, regardless of whether you sell 1 or 500 online courses. The key to this profitable business lies in your ability to create an online community that is willing to pay for your courses.

If you are looking for a place to offer your courses, you can sign up as a tutor on platforms like Udemy or Hotmart, where you can offer and distribute your digital products.

Additionally, platforms such as Skype and multiple web portals dedicated to making education more accessible; be it languages, music, art or even science, they have made teaching and teaching online a highly profitable business.

8. Create a podcast

This form of content is gaining more and more strength, where different topics are revealed through interviews and stories.

With streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes and Deezer, access to this podcast content is becoming more widespread, which is why large media outlets are betting on this format.

Today there are podcasts with millions of monthly listeners, which become a mass of interest from advertisers who want to reach their audience in a more direct way.

What do you need to start this business? The investment can be minimal since you need a computer, a good microphone and use an application for editing the audio. Here is a guide on how to create a podcast in a few steps.

Additionally, you can take an online podcasting course, where they teach you the tools, tips, and business models that you can apply to your own podcast from scratch.

9. Being an intermediary for a wholesaler

Thanks to globalization you can access the portfolio of large wholesalers in the United States, China, among other countries.

To develop the dropshipping business, what you can do is take some catalogues, offer them online and at certain times make the orders directly to the factories.

You can focus it on the fashion sector, that is, the purchase of clothing and accessories for men and women; or in the construction sector importing equipment, materials and other tools for a more competitive price.

It all depends on the public you want to reach and offer more competitive prices, better quality, or an interesting cost-benefit ratio. Thanks to the internet, you can find these catalogs and suppliers around the world. Alibaba.com is an example.

To further explore this business, here is a guide on how to buy in China, where we talk about dropshipping.


If you want to start this business you can check out Salehoo, one of the best platforms to start your dropshipping business. It is basically a supplier directory that allows you to find suppliers, prices and online stores in a matter of minutes.

It can even tell you the profit margins, comparing your suppliers and other useful information to start importing from China.

10. Sell products on social networks

This is one of the ways to make money with Facebook, which consists of buying wholesale merchandise at a fair or factory and then selling it by units in a buying and selling group on social networks.

If you do a quick search you will find that there are different groups focused on various topics where you can promote your products.

There are groups around hobbies such as cycling, art, television programs, lifestyle, nutrition, among many more where you can offer your merchandise.

You can even create a group, focus on community growth, and then offer the services.

Additionally, you can charge a commission for each sale made within the group, or offer guidelines for people to promote their services in this community. Another alternative you have is to offer your merchandise on OLX, or on Ebay.

11. Sell digital products online

As we mentioned with online courses, digital products such as books, seminars, workshops, or training programs have the advantage that you only have to put in the effort and hard work once. So they represent a great way to earn money from home.

The success of this type of profitable business ideas lies in the effectiveness of the advertising you do so that interested people know about it.

This is why you need to create communities of specific niches, so that you can create digital products that solve specific needs of your target audience.

It is important that the content you are selling is of quality, since although you can sell bad content once, it will be difficult for you to build a profitable business in the long term.

What is this about? Nobody will recommend something bad and that does not add value, instead, when you exceed the expectations of your customers, they will reward you by sharing, recommending your products, and even leaving you positive reviews that will attract new customers.

Creating online courses is one of the best entrepreneurial ideas that you can execute today since distance learning is setting the standard worldwide.

In fact, the level of growth of this learning format is such that even universities like Harvard are offering more than 200 free online courses to take at home.

Indeed, schools and universities have paralyzed their activities and closed their doors until further notice to avoid contagion, and therefore, students are obliged to fulfill their assignments virtually.

How to start?

With millions of people confined to their homes due to Covid-19, online courses have become a way to spend their free time.

The recommendation is that you create a virtual program in an area that you master perfectly and upload it to one of the remote learning platforms that exist on the market, such as Udemy.

You only have to dedicate yourself to promoting your course to attract students interested in its content and in this way you will undertake a very lucrative job online.

If this is your first time selling, we have created a guide where we explain how to sell online in 5 steps, with little money and no experience.

12. Personalization of products on the Internet

You can sell shirts, mugs, notebooks and even pens with company logos, personalized messages, with motivational or themed phrases for parties or events.

To start you must find a local supplier that can stock and deliver your orders on time, and you simply operate as an intermediary; In this way you will avoid having inventories of products waiting for them to be sold.

Brokering in this type of profitable business ideas allows you to start without a lot of working capital, since you will not have to invest in inventory, machines or hire personnel for the production process.

13. Sell local artisan products in your web store

You can sell native products from your city or region, or artisan products that are made in your country, through a web store.

Are you thinking that creating a web store is complex? The reality is that it is quite simple with platforms like Shopify.

Now, you do not need to be an artisan to be able to sell them, you can simply work as an intermediary between the producers and the clients; you work under a profit margin and do not need to store inventory.

If you look for clients abroad you will be able to sell at a better price, which makes this business idea a very profitable business.

14. Small Business Web Design Service

If you have some knowledge of web programming, are interested in dedicating yourself to this industry, and have certain design guidelines, you can offer your services as a web designer to small businesses, friends, and acquaintances who need a professional-looking website.

These profitable business ideas on the Internet are in great demand, so you can invest part of your time to learn with these basic programming courses, and put your knowledge into practice by offering your services as a Freelancer.

15. Book editing, proofreading and publication services

Literature will never die, since few media feed the imagination the way this medium does.

And today, thanks to how easy it is to learn how to publish your ebooks on Amazon or publish portals like Wattpad, the flow of independent books is incomparable. This generates a great demand for personnel capable of editing and polishing these works.

Writing is the hobby of many people and the internet has allowed many to dedicate themselves to this as a job or even try to fulfill their dreams of being writers and start writing their own novels for blogs or portals dedicated to literature.

Being good with grammar is a virtue in an age where writing is such a popular and global job. Therefore, if you know about text editing, proofreading, grammar, this may be a very good option for you.

16. Create applications for companies or individuals

If you have knowledge in programming or web design, one of the profitable businesses that you can start with little capital is to create applications for companies.

Currently many companies would like to have their own application, but due to lack of knowledge or infrastructure, they cannot have it.

The interesting thing is that you do not need to have an entire web or mobile development team to create your own application or for a third party.

What is needed? A computer, a cell phone, a minimum capital investment to cover the costs of the application, creativity and be quite recursive.

For example, you can check out these money-making apps that currently exist to get an idea of the possibilities you have to monetize your knowledge.

17. Subtitle service for videos

There are many people who would benefit from publishing videos on their web portals, especially those dedicated to information, advertising and press.

The availability of videos in all languages, however, is not constant. And for this you can make very good money if you dedicate yourself to subtitling this type of material.

There are brands, companies or individuals who are interested in making their audiovisual content available and accessible to a much broader public and with different languages, so this content subtitling service represents a great business opportunity.

Basically you need a computer, a program to subtitle videos such as Subtitle Workshop, Jubler, SubtitleCreator, Open Subtitle Editor or SubMagic, and start offering your services on the Internet through freelance platforms, or directly looking for clients on the web.

18. Generate streaming content

The streaming industry has become one of the most popular at the moment.

It is enough to measure the success of the main companies in the market such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or HBO, to verify their high level of profitability.

To start developing this business idea, the ideal is to start generating content such as video blogs for YouTube, developing gameplays for Twitch, or even uploading tracks to Spotify if you are passionate about music and this is easy for you.

19. Charge content by subscription

Today some subscription platforms, such as Patreon, offer you the possibility of generating content that your audience can access after paying a kind of membership.

There you can share podcasts and many other types of content. So if you specialize in the creation or production of content you could generate hundreds or thousands of dollars a month with the contributions of your subscribers.

You just have to make sure you create valuable content so that your audience doesn’t get bored or lose interest in you.

20. Develop digital entertainment platforms

Online entertainment platforms have gained a dramatic boom today due to the ban on attending concerts, fairs, festivals or mass events.

It is undeniable that this has become an excellent business opportunity in the fashion, music and entertainment market in general.

The idea is that these platforms are marketed as ideal digital spaces to keep track of a large number of artists, singers and celebrities.

Although the greatest attraction of this proposal is to ensure that the digital audience has access to live presentations from the electronic device that is most comfortable for them ( smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.).

So, if you have programmatic knowledge, do not hesitate to take advantage of this type of digital venture that could very successfully diversify your sources of income.


Copywriting, better known by its Anglo-Saxon term “copywriting”, has not stopped evolving in recent years, to the point of having become one of the most attractive profitable businesses in the digital environment.

If you have experience as a publicist, or have specialized as a copywriter, you have everything in your favor to generate significant income from wherever you are.

In essence, your job will be to write titles and texts that generate sales, registrations, or any other desired action for brands, especially through social networks and web pages.

22. Stream on Twitch

It is true that Twitch is not a newly released platform, but as a result of the pandemic, users have paid attention to it again, since they spend more time at home.

Therefore, the number of people who have become Twitch streamers in the last year has grown exponentially.

And it no longer only supports the streaming of games, but also of many alternative contents that have gained tremendous popularity.

Earning money with this platform is not complicated, but you must invest time and effort to consolidate your audience and scale your income.

There are currently five mechanisms that allow a Twitch channel to monetize: brand sponsorships, product sales, donations from followers or fans, advertisements, and Twitch subscriptions.

Many streamers have built real fortunes through this medium, and in fact, have exceeded the earnings they generate on their alternate channels within YouTube.

23. Sale of photographs

If you are passionate about generating audiovisual content, or if you are a full-time photographer, you can also turn your passion into profitable businesses that change your life.

Today you do not need advanced knowledge to take a camera and portray an object, place, or landscape; in fact, it’s something you can do with your own smartphone.

It is enough to have basic notions of composition, angle and photographic lighting to get started in this business.

You can build your portfolio of work and share it in the largest image banks in the world, in order to reach a larger audience.

Unsplash and Shutterstock are very popular and can help you connect with people who like your work and are willing to pay for it.

In the same way, you can promote your photographic services on your social networks, and on all the channels that allow you to increase the reach of what you do without spending a penny on it.

Believe it or not, there are people willing to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a photograph, regardless of whether its author is not famous.

24. Promote coupons online

Affiliate marketing has diversified significantly, which shows its great ability to drive profitable and lucrative business.

That is why it is not surprising that it also has a place in the coupon market. So, if you have a page or a blog, you can join certain specialized programs in this sector and earn a commission for each coupon you recommend.

These programs operate under a “Pays To Share” model that basically allows you to earn money per percentage of coupon sales.

Commissions are 2 or 3% for each sale made through your sites. Coupon Chief is one of the most popular companies in this niche, paying over $1 million in commission so far.

This is an easy and simple way to increase your income from home just by sharing the information of these coupons on your web platforms.

25. Domain sales

The purchase and sale of domains has also become one of the best profitable businesses of the moment.

This practice is not new, but over time it has been perfected, and therefore, its profits have been significantly diversified.

Currently it is very competitive to buy domains of a single word, or that include keywords that have a high volume of searches on the Internet.

If you don’t have experience in this, you can rely on the domain search tools that already exist in the market, and when you have well understood the dynamics of the business, you can begin to take advantage of it.

To sell them, you can participate in domain auction platforms like GoDaddy, Namecheap or even Sedo, which allow you to sell your domains safely.

26. Check apps, websites or software

The user experience is very important for brands, or developers of software, applications and websites.

That is why there are pages willing to pay you in exchange for leaving a comment, opinion or review about their products or services.

The purpose of this is to identify possible failures that could hinder the way in which users interact with these products, in order to then take the pertinent corrective measures.

If you have free time you can take advantage of the offers of certain companies linked to the sector, as would be the case of User Testing.

It pays $10 or more for each online review, and all you have to do is answer questions while browsing a certain website.

Other platforms also offer you the option of making your reviews in video format, and for each of them they can pay you up to $30 dollars.

It really is a simple job that will not take you much time and that can help you increase your income month after month.

Profitable business ideas focused on providing a service:

This second part will talk about profitable business ideas that consist of offering a service to a person, company, or groups.

They are usually face-to-face ideas, meaning they require you to be present for them to work, or at least initially.

Later when your business grows, you can hire people who take care of your customers, and you take care of the growth of your business.

27. Real Estate Agent

The real estate market has undergone major changes in recent months as a result of the pandemic.

This is because the confinement revealed that not all households are suitable for studying, working and entertaining simultaneously.

Therefore, millions of people worldwide have been motivated to move, rent new properties, and even sell their current houses or apartments to inhabit new spaces (some more functional, comfortable and pleasant).

So real estate agents are in high demand, especially in some European countries and in certain Latin American countries, such as Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.

28. Beauty services at home

If you have skills for haircuts, personal care, you know about beauty treatments, you know how to do nails, or you offer a beauty service in general, you can sell your services at home.

In this way you will not have to incur the high fixed costs that a local implies, and as we mentioned in the previous point, offering this service in your client’s home is an added value that can turn this service into a great business. profitable.

Although it is true that transportation costs are incurred, you can charge a little more for this extra service, and surely your client will not have a problem paying the additional cost for not moving from their home.

29. 3D printing of health items

The current situation has triggered businesses specialized in manufacturing health items such as face masks, respiratory valves, and more, through 3D modeling and printing.

This venture does not involve high costs, although you will need to make a somewhat considerable initial investment when buying your 3D printer.

However, once you have the appropriate equipment you can get down to work, that is, you can start producing and promoting your health products through your social networks, neighbors, online stores, email, etc.

The best of all is that if you do not want to take care of the shipments, or the possible returns that arise, you can subcontract this service without any problem.

30. Production of gels or disinfectants

Antibacterial gels, and in general disinfectant products for human and domestic use, have also experienced great demand in recent months on a universal scale.

It is undeniable that people want to stay healthy, which has forced them to reinforce their personal hygiene measures to the maximum.

And this is something that young entrepreneurs have been able to take advantage of very well after producing this type of products on a homemade or artisan scale.

If you think that you can do it too, do not hesitate to investigate in depth and in detail so that you can produce them, offer them, sell them and deliver them safely and professionally.

31. Home delivery service (delivery)

Home deliveries, better known as delivery, have reached historic levels in recent months all over the planet.

Food, beverage, medicine, spare parts and many more businesses have had to rely on home delivery people to keep their sales and contacts with their customers afloat.

Not surprisingly, the demand for Uber Eats or Rappi, as well as that of many other companies in the sector, overflowed when this boom reached its peak just a few months ago.

The reading that is made of this is clear: the number of natural and legal persons that will continue to demand this service in the rest of the year will be really large, and that is exactly where your business opportunity lies.

The good news is that you only need a bicycle or a motorcycle to start operating as a home delivery person, which is extremely favorable if you do not have a large capital to acquire a more advanced vehicle.

Although you could also become a driver for Uber Eats, Rappi or any other home delivery company that actively operates in the country you are currently in to take advantage of this current situation.

32. Personalized training service

Do you like physical activity? Are you curious to learn about functional training? Do you spend hours reading about how your body works and apply it to your workouts?

You could earn extra money every month if you offer your knowledge and experience in the field of physical health to people who want to improve their physical appearance, lose weight or stay in shape.

If you get certifications that show that you know what you are recommending, it is much better, since it is a sensitive issue dealing with the health of other people.

It is true that this work can be more motivating if you have a physical presence, but right now you must adapt your business model to social distancing to stay healthy and protected.

The good news is that you can migrate all your training or advice to a digital format -such as courses or live videos-, so you don’t lose customers.

33. Teaching foreign languages

The knowledge of additional languages will always be an opening to many job possibilities and business opportunities.

Teaching this language is something that many could use as a job to make a little extra money, all while improving their command of the language.

Also, online educational platforms and programs like Skype make this much more comfortable and global.

It all starts with developing a methodology that you can apply with your students, that allows you to measure your student’s level of mastery and develop measurements to measure student progress.

34. Bicycle repair service

It doesn’t matter that there are faster, more luxurious or more comfortable options, it doesn’t even matter much that vehicles are becoming more and more ecological.

Bicycles will always have their own appeal, especially now that the use of public transport is practically limited in many countries, in order to prevent contagion.

Therefore, knowing how to fix them, whether it is changing the wheels, applying patches, greasing them, changing chains or straightening them, will always make you a very popular person in your neighborhood and many of these people will be willing to pay even a little for your services.

Currently, thanks to the rise of a healthy lifestyle and habits, the bicycle has become beyond a means of transport, a hobby, a sport and a way of entertainment, this reality makes it possible to develop various types of businesses. profitable.

35. Pet-walking service

Like cleaning, walking our pets is something that many people find cumbersome because of the time it requires.

For this reason, offering to walk the pets of others is one of the favorite businesses of young and old alike. Also, with enough experience and knowledge, you can walk multiple pets at once, multiplying your earnings.

You can offer plans, from a weekly payment to a monthly payment, that guarantee recurrence in your business.

As your customer base grows, you can hire trusted people to help you with different routes and rides.

36. Help with academic assignments

Other profitable business ideas that you could start is student counseling. It is not a secret that due to the educational system, many of the students who attend classes are left with gaps in knowledge and many doubts.

Basically you can help these students to understand better, solve doubts and help them with academic assignments. Additionally, you could become an intermediary, where your job is to connect demand with supply.

This means that once you receive the earrings that you have to do, look for students interested in doing it for a lower price and you earn a kind of commission for it.

The important thing is to make sure that the quality does not decrease and that the students really learn and solve their doubts; If you manage to add value, they will recommend you to other students.

Currently this has become one of the most profitable and lucrative innovative businesses you can imagine, since the student population is taking classes remotely due to the pandemic.

This has generated a lot of stress in parents who do not have the resources, the patience or the methodology to educate their children at home, and therefore, they are more than willing to hire this type of mentoring to ease their burdens as much as possible. that they can

37. Electronic equipment repair service

In a world where technology is increasingly important and influential, tasks that were previously done by hand are now done automatically.

This implies that the most important tool, and the one that consumes our time the most, is the cell phone. With this we solve different tasks, it is our personal assistant, we have applications to earn money and we communicate with the world.

Like telephones, computers, servers and specialized equipment represent work tools in a world where we must be connected, and these will surely need repair, updating or change due to deterioration.

A profitable business idea? If you have knowledge in equipment repair, and you master this subject, you could offer your services to companies or individuals.

38. Car wash

Another of our parents’ and grandparents’ favorite profitable business ideas is washing cars for a commission. And, nowadays, it is not uncommon to see schools or groups offering to wash cars to raise funds for any cause.

All you need is some water, detergent, and a free afternoon to transform your sidewalk or garage into a makeshift car wash.

Although this is the way to start, you must have an entrepreneurial mentality, that is, not just washing cars but growing the business and offering different types of services.

With the environmental issue being a decisive factor, offering dry cleaning services or cleaning with non-polluting products can be a very interesting business. And if you go further, you can offer these products for people to buy and take home.

It is about starting small, and growing your business idea as you get to know the points of greatest interest of your clients.

39. Private transportation service

These profitable businesses require your presence, and on many occasions your time, since you must use platforms such as Uber, Lyft, Cabify, among other private transportation applications.

This job requires you to work smart if you want to increase your income, since you must know what hours there are dynamic rates, less congestion, what sectors of your city move better and what days of the week work best for you.

As for transportation, there are other related business ideas such as the transportation of goods, delivery of products from local stores and even the transportation of employees of a certain company with which you negotiate a monthly rate.

40. Making or repairing furniture

If you are one of those woodworking enthusiasts, you can make good money creating or repairing furniture, shelves, tables and chairs, while also enjoying a hobby.

In addition, you can transform everything you do into sample products. From the furniture that you have made for your living room to that of your garden, they will be transformed into advertising for your service.

Nowadays, due to the fact that people spend more time at home, they have been identifying needs or changes that they want to make in their homes, so there is a very good demand for this type of product.

41. Courier services to companies

This messaging service represents a profitable business idea because the most important resource people have is time.

When you offer this service, you are allowing people to focus on what is really important to them.

Although you may have to start doing the services on your own, either in your transport vehicle or using the public service, once you get your first clients, you could outsource this service.

The idea is to create profitable businesses that generate passive income, not self-employment that requires your presence so that they can work.

That said, your job should be to get the clients first and then find people to do the services and you keep a commission.

This business works both for individuals, or for companies that have a series of important orders every week, and that are not willing to hire someone to do this activity.

One of the most popular pages is TaskRabbit, since it has set a precedent in these profitable businesses that seek to be emulated or improved by hundreds of entrepreneurs.

Profitable business ideas focused on advice and knowledge:

Here is a list of profitable business ideas that you can develop based on your knowledge and that you can offer to your clients or the public, either through consultancies or specific events.

These business ideas require you to have the ability to communicate with others, know how to sell your ideas and capture the attention of the person who is listening to you.

It is essential that you learn how to make a business plan for these ideas, so that you can undertake in an organized manner.

42. Social media consultant

Social networks have become great and powerful sales mechanisms for brands, regardless of whether they have been recently launched on the market, or whether they have been marketing their products and services for years.

And although it is true that anyone can create an account on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or TikTok, not everyone is trained to manage them in a timely manner.

In simple words, today it is not enough to have a presence in virtual media that add up to millions of active users daily in order to achieve success.

On the contrary, at this time it is absolutely necessary to design a content, promotion, market positioning and sales strategy to achieve the desired objectives.

So, if you have experience as a social media consultant, you can define a business plan that allows you to start a business in this lucrative and popular market that consists of teaching others to manage their networks with vision, strategy, and purpose.

Offering your social media consulting services is an excellent opportunity to diversify your sources of income and take advantage of one of the most promising profitable businesses in the world.

43. Technology Help Desk

Technology support services will also allow you to generate significant income, since this year the technical support industry would be registering a growth of 22%, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

So providing this type of assistance to small, medium and large industries could allow you to generate significant and consistent income in the immediate future.

In short, working as a technical support provider, specialized in the technological area, is an excellent way to improve your finances as this is one of the best paid jobs in the future.

44. Marketing and public relations services

If you have a background in marketing, or if you have accumulated many years of experience in this very demanding market, this could be the best time to boost your professional development in style.

Investments in digital marketing are billionaires, and in fact, in 2018 alone they were equivalent to $106 billion dollars.

The good news is that this figure will continue to grow exponentially in the coming years, as brands trust in the potential of marketing to scale their businesses to unsuspected levels.

And that is where marketing and public relations professionals come in who not only know how to tell stories and gain market position, but also build valuable relationships with potential allies and investors in the short, medium and long term.

So if you are an expert in marketing or networking, you have many advantages in your favor to take impressive advantage of the new demands of the market in terms of marketing and advertising.

45. Advice on positioning and web development

With so many businesses online, web development and search engine optimization have become highly in-demand skills.

Web positioning, or SEO for its acronym in English, has become a requirement to succeed in business, regardless of whether it is physical or digital.

What is web positioning? Basically to appear in the first results of search engines, specifically Google, which dominates the market.

Who does this serve? To all companies, large or small, to all individuals, and to those who offer goods and services, who seek to attract customers in the digital world.

You do not need to be a professional expert with several years of experience to start, you need to be curious enough to learn about the subject on the Internet.

46. Specialized advice to small businesses

Many businesses that are starting need advice on digital marketing, finances, designing a sales strategy or reducing costs.

If you have experience and knowledge in any of these areas, you can offer your business experience.

Unlike other profitable business ideas, this one needs very little capital to start since it is based on your knowledge and not on the development of a product.

If you manage to show concrete results with your first clients, they will recommend you and your advisory service will grow.

An interesting way to charge for your services could be by results, that is, your payment will depend on the goals your client achieves. In this way, both parties will win.

47. Virtual space organization services

Since Marie Kondo premiered her successful series on Netflix called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” the demand for space organization services has increased significantly.

Since then, business ideas linked to the organization of spaces and the emotional detachment of objects, clothing, equipment, etc., are in trend.

This means that there is a large market niche worldwide waiting for companies to offer them a service capable of satisfying their order and dispossession needs.

According to a Times article, this show completely unleashed “organization fever in America.”

In turn, this fueled the formation of companies that help people “clear out” their kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and more to re-experience positive feelings in those spaces.

According to an article published on the Refinery29 portal, the entrepreneur who decides to offer this type of service in the current United States market, for example, could bill up to six figures per year.

48. Drone Video Service

The recordings that are made by unmanned aerial devices, better known as drones, are the order of the day when thinking about what business to set up.

It is undeniable that the number of industries interested in hiring this service is growing like wildfire, both in the United States and in Latin America.

We are talking about an industry of billions of dollars, in which the largest Hollywood productions, as well as many other sectors of society, participate.

If you like to pilot drones, or if you are simply interested in generating thousands of dollars a month, you should invest money in a couple of equipment of this type so that you can start offering your services professionally as soon as possible.

This job will help you balance your finances in the short term because there are always people or companies demanding this service.

And not only that, this will be one of the most fun work experiences you can have since you will have access to parties, you will visit incredible places, and of course, you will create networking relationships that will allow you to scale your business in a matter of months.

49. Financial advice to people

Whether they are individuals looking to improve their quality of life or wealthy people looking to invest their income and multiply it, the need for financial advice does not discriminate.

Financial problems turn out to be a headache for most people; ranging from not knowing how to get out of debt, the mortgage, to managing credit cards.

If you master these topics, if you have financial skills and it is easy for you to apply it, you can earn money advising others.

All people may need a counselor when making significant financial movements to do so with greater security. If you have experience, you can advise these people in exchange for a commission.

50. Design of spaces and interiors for homes

Everyone wants to have a comfortable, pleasant and attractive home to arrive at and feel calm. However, not everyone knows how to achieve this through the selection of colors, furniture, photos and their combination.

And although Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, turning these ideas into reality may require the help of a professional.

Therefore, if you have been told that you have a good eye for decoration or you are a professional in interior design, you can create a new source of income by advising others and even designing their homes through renderings or advanced virtual programs.

And it does not end here, stores and companies would also benefit a lot from a good space design, so you are facing one of the main profitable business ideas.

51. Offer talks and virtual seminars on a specific topic

We all like to witness a talk from time to time that makes us feel like better people or capable of overcoming any obstacle that afflicts us, no matter how widespread it may be.

The gift of public speaking is something that many possess without knowing it, and that can be used to generate profitable business outside of what is considered traditional or orthodox.

Thus, the ability to motivate others through speeches and access to conference rooms can translate into a good source of income.

Now, they don’t just have to be talks with successful phrases, since you can offer courses or create events on a specific topic in your industry that you master perfectly.

Thanks to the Internet and its various ways to earn money on it, you can take those courses or events to the web and allow people around the world to access your knowledge and learn from you.

You can create an event using Google Hangouts, Skype, or another communication tool that you know of.

52. Offer virtual educational workshops and seminars

Do you have knowledge about a topic that helps people improve professionally or personally? Coaching or training workshops or courses will always be profitable businesses due to the importance of training people.

What is needed to start?

Thanks to the reach of social networks and online advertising, you can offer your workshop to a specialized group of people in your city via the Internet, and simply have a virtual classroom in Zoom, or in any other similar program to start.

The key to this business, like the rest, lies in the value you add to the people who buy your workshop or seminar; if what you teach is valuable and useful for the person who attends, they will not only recommend you to other people, but they will buy from you and attend your next virtual events.

53. Consulting on TitTok

Earning money with TikTok is trending. This is because the network has achieved worldwide popularity in the last year, and therefore, brands have included it in their content generation, brand positioning, promotion and sales strategies.

Becoming a TikTok consultant could bring you interesting income every month, if you manage to attract international brands that are interested in generating viral videos.

These types of videos help them connect with their audiences and make fortunes at an incredible rate. It is a job that you can do from your smartphone, which is practical and functional.

But do not be overconfident, because not everyone knows how to advise brands, and therefore, you must prepare yourself for success.

You need to deliver the expected results to your customers, or else you will lose credibility.

Learn about content generation, master the art of viralization and start connecting with your potential clients so that TikTok also becomes one of the best profitable businesses for you.

54. Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful and effective strategies for brands to stay in touch with their audience.

But the truth is that not everyone knows how to do things right. It is not about sending mass emails without a strategy, but about doing it in a planned and consistent way so that the conversion rate is high.

One of the main keys to success in this area is building niche mailing lists.

Their effectiveness is very high since they are detailed segmented lists that really have the desired impact on all those people who receive promotional emails from their favorite brands, products or services.

Check your inbox and determine how many emails with promotions you have received in the last few days so that you realize the profitability of this trade.

If you become an email marketing strategist you could generate recurring income, as this business will only continue to grow and improve in the short, medium and long term.

55. Cryptocurrency advice

The constant increase that Bitcoin has experienced in the last month has set off alarms and has motivated many people to evaluate the possibility of investing in crypto assets.

If you have knowledge in the Forex market you could monetize your advice. In essence, you can help your clients make investments that do not cause them to lose money unnecessarily.

It is a growing business, so you should take advantage of the high demand for this service today to gain notoriety and relevance in your niche, which will translate into a growing client base for you.

56. Cannabis Investment Advice

Some cannabis companies are already listed on certain US stock exchanges, which has motivated more than one investor to look closely at this type of investment.

In case you are familiar with this topic, you could consider monetizing your knowledge and attracting clients.

However, you must be careful, because it is not a secret that cannabis is not yet legal at the federal level in the United States, and therefore, not all investments linked to this plant are safe.

It is best that you specialize in this area and know how to invest in cannabis before trying to advise someone else.

In this way you will take care of your reputation and prevent your clients from losing money after making bad investment decisions.

57. Offer advice as a personal shopper

This goes beyond knowing how to dress, but understanding that the first impression you make is important; that the way you express yourself, communicate, and your body language are decisive for the level of success you achieve in your life.

Personal shopper services are based on the reality that personal image is extremely important in the business world.

So this represents a great business opportunity for those who want to stand out in the professional world.

To start this business, you could train yourself with online personal shopper courses, which will give you some basic concepts about what you should offer, how to understand the needs of your client and how to differentiate yourself from your competition.

To find your first clients you can start with your friends and family, they will give you an honest opinion of your services, and they will help you by recommending you among their acquaintances.

At the moment this work has gained a greater degree of popularity since visits to physical stores are being limited, which prevents buyers from being able to measure the garments before buying them, and this affects both their style and their intention to buy. buy.

That is why there is a large market niche interested in contracting this service, so that their virtual purchases -of clothing or footwear- yield the expected results.

Finally, remember that if you are planning to offer personal counseling services, your image, the way you dress, your body language and expression are essential.

58. Wedding planning

There is currently a marriage boom. So much so that in countries like India (200,000 registered) and the United States (4,000 registered professionals) there are associations for professionals who are responsible for making many couples’ dreams come true.

This is an excellent business opportunity, because in Latin America there are more and more marriages and couples willing to pay for a good ceremony and party.

Among some expenses associated with marriage are: photographs, music, food, dresses, rings, decoration, party entertainment, travel, desserts, invitations, among others.

This industry is known as Bridal Marketing, and it moves billions of dollars around the world every year, so if you understand the subject, you like to plan parties and others, you could consider this profitable business.

59. Courses on nutrition and holistic lifestyle

Modern life has motivated millions of people to make profound changes in their lifestyle.

The new generations are increasingly concerned about eating healthy, conserving their good energy, and of course, taking care of their mental health.

In recent years we have experienced something of a healthy and nutritious awakening, and this is largely due to holistic eating.

According to figures from the Global Wellness Institute, in 2017 alone, the holistic food industry generated profits of more than 4.2 billion dollars.

So if you have healthy hobbies, or want to help thousands of people change their lifestyle through holistic eating, this is the perfect time to start.

How can you start holistic businesses?

If you have knowledge in food and holistic lifestyle you can start profitable businesses by teaching face-to-face or online courses.

Try to get certified as a Life Coach, or even better as a Holistic Coach, and get ready to put a positive spin on your finances.

It will not be easy, but if you dedicate yourself to working hard on this new project, it is most likely that you will achieve success in the immediate future. To earn money as a Holistic Coach you can offer your virtual advice on nutrition, meditation or holistic lifestyle.

In simple words, you can generate income by offering personalized advice to your own clients around the world.

How else can you make money with this business?

You can also create info products related to this world, such as eBooks or audiobooks on holistic food.

Then you will have to dedicate yourself to selling them through your social networks, or through your own online store. Use your imagination to make the most of this healthy boom that has not stopped growing in the last decade.

This is one of the most attractive profitable businesses of the moment; so much so that it could help you generate income equivalent to thousands of dollars in a matter of months.

60. Virtual dance classes

Dance classes through social networks or platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype have gained many followers.

It is not only a way to exercise and move your body, but also to entertain yourself and think about other things.

These classes have become a profitable business for many gym instructors, or dance teachers who have had to reinvent their business.

Profitable business ideas focused on entrepreneurship:

These business ideas that you will see below involve the creation of products, services for a specialized public, the creation of communities, and other creative ways of creating value for customers through different businesses.

For this section we recommend our guide on how to start a business, where we explain how to start a business from scratch, step by step, and in the most practical way possible.

61. Alternative advertising services to small businesses

This type of profitable business is very interesting and creative, since it consists of offering advertising for your clients in goods for which your users do not have to pay.

For example, you can give away paper bags to supermarkets, stores and restaurants, which will have advertising from different advertisers.

The key is to find the companies that are willing to pay you to go out in this medium. The same applies to pizza boxes, napkins, table stands, among others.

This type of advertising works as brand activation since users take these goods home, use them repeatedly, and are unconsciously seeing the brands displayed there. This builds recall.

62. Create a local digital publication

Your city, town, or region may be small and not made up of millions of inhabitants.

However, if you create a digital medium, and even if there are only 5,000 inhabitants, if you get your community to recurrently read your content, you can attract the attention of brands that want to advertise there. You could even give the same newspaper as a gift.

In the case of being digital, you can learn how to create a blog and generate localized content for your community. At the beginning it can be a bit difficult to make your media known, but with a good positioning strategy in search engines, social networks and emails, you can achieve it.

When your community grows, surely local advertisers will want to buy advertising space in your medium. To leverage your growth, you can use digital tools to help you in your publication.

63. Distribution and resale of products

Since ancient Greece, merchants were recognized as a necessity thanks to the fact that they allowed vendors to get rid of surplus merchandise, as well as those who lived in remote areas could acquire these products.

Also, considering the ease of reaching other people through social networks and digital marketing, you could develop a very profitable business from home.

64. Import of products

When you have good capital to invest, importing is one of the most profitable profitable businesses today.

If you take some time and visit the businesses in your area, you will be able to compile a list of the most difficult products to obtain in a few days.

Then you can buy them online and import them without much difficulty, you can make very good money if you get buyers for these products.

This type of business can be in a store or by order, the second being better for those who are just trying out this business.

Now, if you do not have considerable capital to invest, you could start on a small scale; with some basic products that you know will have a good demand and will generate a good inventory turnover.

The key to this type of profitable business ideas is to find products that are in high demand, since otherwise you will be left with inventories that have low turnover, and that do not allow you to have cash to import new products.

So find that product that is fashionable or a trend, look for who is selling it and offer them the same product for a slightly reduced price.

65. Custom Art

Do you have a gift with sculpture or painting and do not know how to exploit it? You can advertise yourself in your neighborhood and among your friends, and offer decorations and individual works on request.

You can even use the power of social networks, even crowdfunding campaigns to sell or finance your works.

Some products that could be created from your personalized art are unique gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, or even handcrafted keepsakes.

To make yourself known you should attend as many social events, art exhibitions, seminars or local workshops focused on art and culture. There you can make your works known, and in the same way, meet potential clients.

Although it is a slightly more complex business idea because the public interested in these works is smaller, when you manage to position yourself as a benchmark, the charge for your works will grow exponentially.

66. Smart Home Contractor

It is no secret to anyone that new technologies have revolutionized the way we communicate and relate to the environment, and above all, with our own homes.

Home automation is here to stay, and with the rise of the Internet of Things, it seems that our homes are practically automated.

The demand for home automation services is on the rise, especially in Europe and North America, revealing people’s need to inhabit increasingly interconnected spaces.

We are talking about air conditioning, lighting, surveillance and intelligent entertainment systems that promise to make life easier for us at unsuspected levels.

How to make money with this business idea:

You can make a lot of money designing and running home automation solutions that make life easier for smart home owners.

Especially in these times when people are practically confined to their homes to avoid getting sick.

From new software, to interconnection programs between equipment, devices, systems or devices.

The smart home market will continue to expand for the foreseeable future. Statista has estimated that profits will exceed $90 billion this year.

And by 2024 the market volume will exceed 150 billion dollars, that is, the annualized growth rate could be 15%.

67. Software Developer as a Service

The development of Software as a Service (SaaS), for its acronym in English, is another of the profitable business ideas that you can carry out this year.

This business model is currently very attractive because the software is licensed on a subscription basis. In addition, it is centrally hosted and this allows you to predict the income that you will generate as a developer.

Another of its biggest advantages is that you can control the entire project, which puts you in an advantageous position from the beginning.

How much money can you earn with this business?:

According to data published by Forbes, software developers, including SaaS developers, can earn more than $100,000 a year in the United States.

In 2018, Washington, California, and New York were the states with the highest salaries: $131,790, $127,950, and $116,830, respectively.

In addition, Statista estimates that in 2022 this market will exceed 507 billion dollars, and will be represented mainly by the development of security, productivity and business software.

68. Virtual Business Assistance

If you know someone who has extra money but little time on their hands, you can offer to take their calls and organize their schedules personally in exchange for a fee for your services.

This could be the first step to creating a profitable business where call center services or virtual advice is offered to companies and individuals.

In general, companies do not have the capital or the human resources to attend to this fundamental service within their business.

Thanks to the Internet, you could start operating your business with clients around the world, with platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer and others, you can offer your services there and attract your first clients.

69. Production of interactive material for companies

Producing interactive videos and presentations for business is shaping up to be one of the most exciting and lucrative profitable businesses for the foreseeable future.

In fact, this service has become one of the most demanded in recent months, because companies find it extremely effective to promote their products interactively.

Indeed, it has been said that the production of interactive material is one of the best sales strategies to impress and persuade audiences, especially since the pandemic has revolutionized all sales processes.

If you do not have much experience as a content producer, the ideal is that you gradually attract clients so that you can create a good portfolio of work.

Then you can consider the idea of adding new members to your work team in order to significantly boost your business.

Official figures have revealed that global investment in the production of corporate and interactive videos has increased by 400%, which justifies the fact that this is one of the largest profitable businesses.

70. Logistics and supply chain services

According to Nielsen statistics, virtual purchases increased by 86% during 2020, with Amazon being one of the most favored online stores so far.

This not only means billions of dollars in sales, but also a lot of logistical work to link multiple buyers, with endless suppliers, reliably, quickly and safely.

That is why the so-called “networks or supply chains” will generate thousands of new jobs in the immediate future, which could benefit you the most if you are qualified to do this type of work.

Amazon announced a couple of months ago that it would hire 100,000 new workers in the United States given the vast increase in its orders, which perfectly exemplifies the massive demand that these services are already having.

Similarly, Amazon recently announced new vacancies in American countries.

71. Motivational speaker

Motivational speaking seems to have reached an unprecedented state of boiling, due to all the changes and transformations caused in the world as a result of the pandemic.

In this sense, the demand for coaching services or sessions has been growing like wildfire in recent months, especially at a corporate and personal level.

Massive job loss, lockdown, financial uncertainty and many other elements have had negative effects on millions of individuals globally, and this has motivated them to contact motivational speakers or personal speakers to overcome the crisis.

Therefore, if you have a talent for motivating and inspiring people, or if you have taken a coaching course that has empowered you to empower others, think no more and start offering your services as soon as possible.

72. Hairdressers and barbershops at home

Confinement, social isolation and Covid-19 have severely modified consumer behavior in areas such as beauty and entertainment.

That is, people put aside some of their old routines, such as going to the hairdresser, or the barbershop, to keep their personal care in check for fear of catching the virus.

And this is how hundreds of home hairdressing and barbershop ventures have emerged that allow you to look neat, groomed and groomed without having to leave home.

The list of services provided by these emerging profitable businesses is really extensive, but in general these are the most outstanding:

  • Haircuts for men, women and children.
  • Manicure and pedicure.
  • Body and facial hair removal.
  • Modeling of beards -in the case of gentlemen-.
  • Hair treatments such as hydration, bleaching, color changes, straightening, etc.

73. Spa at home

These centers specialized in relaxation and well-being have given themselves the task of reinventing themselves and adjusting to this “new normality”, and the truth is that the receptivity they have obtained has been fantastic.

These companies simply come to your home with a whole mobile set to offer you relaxing massages, body scrubs, aromatherapy sessions, facial aesthetic treatments, body tanning sessions and more.

In fact, the most avant-garde spas also have a brunch service that includes everything from sparkling drinks to fruit, cheese and all kinds of sausages.

They have simply made sure to design an entire experience that allows you to forget about the current reality, despite the fact that you are still confined at home, which has dramatically revalued the service.

74. Business incubator

2020 will pose great challenges at a productive level for both entrepreneurs and those who decide to undertake innovative and disruptive projects.

So far everything indicates that those who work as business incubators will be in high demand in the coming months.

This is because they play a very important role in making business decisions that can actively drive the economy.

What exactly does a business incubator do?

This work consists of helping new companies, and especially startups, to complete their business launches successfully. Some of its functions consist of offering its clients the following services:

  • Personalized orientation training.
  • Tutoring and mentoring sessions.
  • Training in various areas such as finance, economics, technology, innovation, business plan development, etc.

In general, entrepreneurs turn to business incubators to expand or improve their business prospects around their potential investments.

The National Business Incubator Association (NBIA) has repeatedly reported that business incubators are currently well paid.

This should give you an idea of the potential of this type of profitable business, but do not forget that you must train in the field to offer your clients a first class service.

75. Trade cryptocurrencies

Although this business idea is a bit controversial, because few understand how it works and on top of that there are many people trying to deceive those who want to invest in them, uncertainty has been generated around this business.

To get you started, we’ve created a guide on cryptocurrency mining, explaining what cryptocurrencies are, what to watch out for, Cryptocurrency price, and Types of Crypto Mining, Cryptocurrency Mining Terms and Best Cryptocurrency to Mine (2022).

If you want to invest and learn how to do it, you can use demo accounts, which give you capital to invest in real time, before having to put your money at stake.

However, you should keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile investment products and your capital is at risk.

76. Virtual yoga and meditation courses

Practices such as meditation and yoga have become a trend due to the importance that the inner, spiritual and mental life of people has been taking, especially in the midst of this period of so much uncertainty and stress.

Today we know that knowing how to be a millionaire is useless if we lack inner peace and spiritual wealth.

Today more than ever people are in a deep search to connect with themselves, and here a very interesting business opportunity arises.

It has always been thought that meditation and yoga are difficult practices to carry out, it is believed that high levels of concentration and fullness are needed, in addition to learning to let thoughts flow.

Are you a regular yoga practitioner? Do you usually meditate in the mornings and does it work for you? So, why not teach others what you know, and in the process contribute to people’s search for inner peace?

You can start at home, with a small group; or even create a yoga or meditation course and sell it online on platforms like Udemy.

The key to this business lies in showing results and teaching in a practical way all the benefits of these practices.

77. Advice to get a job

Many people are currently unemployed due to the economic crisis unleashed by this pandemic. They don’t know where to start, where to look for a job opening, or how to behave towards a potential employer.

We recommend that you become a job seeker. It may seem like a limited job, but you can exploit various aspects, such as creating a CV that reflects well the skills and knowledge of the people.

You could also prepare applicants with some recommendations to attend an interview without nerves and get a job.

You could even create info products related to this subject, and thus be able to monetize your knowledge thanks to the versatility of the internet.

78. Insurance sales service

Are you an expert in the insurance sector? Well, this business idea is perfect for you! As an intermediary, you will not need much investment, and at first you can set up your office in a room in your house.

The importance is to start offering these products to a nearby environment and then grow.

The sale of insurance is considered one of the most difficult tasks because it requires convincing people of the importance of buying the different products. For this reason, training for business development is required.

Insurance salesmen are always very popular in the job market. Some basic principles of selling insurance have to do with getting the customer to agree to compare the protections in their current contract with your proposal.

A client can be too much, but also not safe enough, so you must understand what the client is looking for and their motivations, as well as cast doubt on current insurance. You will become an ally of the client and you will earn money for it.

Profitable and sustainable business ideas:

The idea is that this content is not static, that is, we want to add new profitable business ideas that you can start with little money.

Here we leave you some business ideas that are sustainable, that will not only allow you to create successful businesses, but that are aligned with the environment and the communities around them.

79. Vegan food businesses

It is no secret to anyone that vegan food is gaining more and more strength worldwide, especially among millennials and new generations.

This is because young people are increasingly interested in trends or healthy lifestyles, so that for them food is a transcendent issue.

Therein lies your business opportunity: you can dedicate yourself to producing authentically vegan foods (free of animal protein or dairy derivatives) to conquer a large market niche.

The objective is that you can create meat or cheese substitutes that can be consumed by vegans without any guilt, since they adapt satisfactorily to their dietary standards.

However, you have to make sure you do it right. The products must be of very good quality, or else you will not have the opportunity to create your business, since the quality of these is essential.

Among all the business ideas, this is undoubtedly one of the most attractive due to the growth potential of this market, so you should pay attention to it as soon as possible.

80. Electric bicycles or scooters

Also known as E-bikes, they represent an extremely attractive market in the American and Asian continents. In fact, it is estimated that in 2018 the number of units sold was 50 million.

Currently, many profitable business ideas are related to the environment, and in this case, electronic bicycles seek to reduce the environmental impact of using motorized cars to get around.

You can use an E-bike to complete short trips, although if you get used to it you could make it your conventional means of transport, instead of seeing it as an alternative.

Although the initial investment of this type of business ideas is high, you can start through brokerage just like the other businesses mentioned. That is, connect customers with suppliers.

Another alternative is that you train yourself in this type of product, so you can offer purchase advice, maintenance, accessory recommendations and others.

81. Create your own brand of natural products

The Internet is full of recipes to create your own homemade products. From body creams to soaps, oils and natural recipes to replace certain medications.

If you mix this knowledge with your digital marketing skills, you will be able to sell them through your website.

Today, people are looking for products and brands with which they can associate themselves and build a personal identity.

These types of products allow people to feel that they belong to a movement larger than themselves, that they are contributing to the environment, and that they are making a difference.

82. Healthy vending machines

A moment ago we told you that the healthy wave has flooded the market of products free of fat, gluten, dairy and refined flour. And now it’s getting easier to access them without even going to the supermarket.

In fact, you can already consume these healthy packaged foods in your own workplace since it has become a trend to include vending machines in corporations or companies.

This implies a greater awareness on the part of employers towards the good nutrition of their employees, and therefore, it is very common for them to invest a good amount of money in said mobile equipment.

This type of profitable business ideas deserves your attention, and to encourage you a little more not to underestimate it, we could tell you that it covers a market of 42 billion dollars.

The good thing about this type of business ideas is that the investment is what you make initially, since supplying the machine and the cost of the lease are easily covered with the products that are sold every day.

83. Ecological building materials

More and more people are committed to leaving the planet better than they found it, and one of their best actions is to use green materials.

It should be noted that they are designed to reduce waste and pollution levels, while increasing energy efficiency levels.

Are you wondering if this is one of the most promising profitable businesses of the moment? The answer is simple: It’s a nearly $37 trillion industry, so you can find a way to get involved.

Previously, these “environmentally” responsible products were thought to drive up construction prices.

However, thanks to technological developments, today you can find ecological materials, equipment and systems that reduce and make construction works more efficient.

84. Craft Beer Producer

The market for the production, distribution and sales of craft beer has experienced rapid and positive growth in recent years.

The consumption of this craft drink has skyrocketed significantly in northern countries, but also in Latin American ones.

Indeed, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina are just some of the most advanced countries in this area in Latin America.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best profitable businesses today. We are talking about a global market of more than 114 billion dollars.

How to generate significant income with this business?

Experts agree that the micro-brewery business is one of the most lucrative and successful at the moment.

The statistics don’t lie: in 2018 the production volume of the craft beer industry was equivalent to 22.5%, and 6.3% was attributed to brewpubs, according to data handled by the Brewers Association.

Another tip to follow if you decide to venture into this craft brewery market is to open your own beer bar, or brewpub.

To learn how to make craft beer you don’t need a lot of money, and the good thing is that you can master the basics of business online.

Find out what the most attractive courses on the market are and start preparing yourself as a brewmaster. Here we leave you a list of courses to learn how to make beer.

And if you want to speed up the process, try to partner with a local producer that has succeeded in this market that is growing by leaps and bounds every year.

85. Development of Augmented Reality applications

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will continue to generate millions of dollars for years to come.

Large companies such as Microsoft or Samsung, as well as the main hardware and software developers in the world, have repeatedly opted for this type of technology, which shows its enormous potential.

Earn money with this business:

If you have skills in programming, computing, or new technologies, you can start developing applications compatible with virtual reality and augmented reality.

Although many times you don’t need to be an expert programmer to bring this type of app to life. It’s just a matter of using the right tools and programs to stand out as a developer.

There’s no doubt that your craft will be in high demand this year and beyond, so you could add up to six figures to your account if you focus on developing VR and AR apps.

86. Mining equipment repair services

The rise of cryptocurrencies has generated new market niches and greater sources of employment.

In this sense, one of the most demanded services today is the repair of digital mining equipment, such as:

  • power sources.
  • processing cards.
  • Controller cards, etc.

The crypto mining market has grown rapidly in recent years, and therefore, more and more people are interested in taking advantage of its benefits.

However, it must be mentioned that these devices are extremely delicate and can be easily damaged.

Although it is also common for them to require maintenance work periodically to optimize their operation or performance.

In simple words, technical repairs and routine services of these equipment for mining crypto assets are in high demand in the market.

In parallel, you can offer advice on the installation of farms (mining ecosystems), and even manage your own farm with third-party teams.

In general, clients who hire these services give their machines to a farm in exchange for a percentage of the money mined by them.

So the income is important and recurring, which shows that this is one of the most attractive profitable businesses of the moment.

87. Create NFTs

Non -Fungible Tokens (NFTs), also known as Non-Fungible Tokens, are generating millions in revenue, especially in the world’s most prosperous economies.

Do you know what NFTs are ? These digital tokens cannot be exchanged or substituted for another asset of equal value. This means that they are completely exclusive and authentic.

And that is where its potential, profitability and attractiveness lie. People want to feel that they own something unique in the world and that is why they are not hesitating to invest in NFTs.

Those who make investments in these assets receive a certificate of authenticity, as well as the acquisition rights that go with it.

According to a BBC report, they are not subject to counterfeiting or imitation, and are based on the blockchain, or “chain of blocks”.

Consequently, they cannot be falsified or hacked, since this technology is totally decentralized.

You can create NFTs in different formats and monetize this digital content : from a tweet, to a meme or an info product, such as an electronic book.

Keep in mind that the number of people who are willing to invest in Non-Fungible Tokens is on the rise, since they are 100% convinced that their value will tend to rise over time.

88. Material recycling service

At the moment there are numerous companies providing the material recycling service around the world.

These companies are closely linked to the ecology, recycling and preservation of clean energy sources industry.

Its forte consists in carrying out production processes that allow the reuse of some materials, such as plastic, paper or glass.

Basically they are in charge of managing the waste and then recycling it in an intelligent and eco-friendly way.

You can undertake in various market niches linked to the recycling industry. Here are some of the most popular recycling services:

  • Glass
  • Plastic.
  • Textiles and footwear.
  • Energy.
  • Mechanics.
  • Plastic.
  • Paper and paperboard.

If you design a good sustainable business model you could build a large portfolio of clients, both in the public and private sectors.

89. Renovation of spaces and decoration

The pandemic has brought about imminent and momentous changes throughout the world. For example, it has encouraged remote work and virtual learning like never before.

In turn, this has highlighted how important it is to have comfortable, functional, practical and well-lit spaces in the home to work or study more pleasantly.

In this sense, interior designers, architects and all professionals linked to design, architecture or construction are in high demand.

Undoubtedly, the renovation of interior or exterior spaces, as well as the decoration of rooms in homes, or apartments, are the order of the day.

The provision of these architectural and construction services generates very important remuneration. Therefore, they could help you successfully scale your finances in the short, medium or long term.

These profitable businesses are very versatile, since they offer you many possibilities to diversify your sources of income.

If you have an architecture studio, or work remotely, you can take advantage of this latent need to renovate spaces so that home office and e- learning are increasingly more effective and sustainable over time.

90. Capsule Hotels

Have you ever heard of capsule hotels? If you do not know them, it is time for you to know why they have great potential to earn money.

Although they gained a greater boom in the Asian market, recently they began to expand to some European countries, as would be the case of Spain and France.

In essence, they are compact, or “encapsulated” hotels that offer guests top-notch service without breaking the bank.

These individual capsules have caused a stir in many niche markets and have captivated thousands of people around the world.

This is why they are considered emerging profitable businesses that are worth learning about and taking advantage of.

In addition, you can massify your offers and enhance the process of attracting customers by using the services of Airbnb or other similar platforms.

Remember that renting properties is one of the best strategies to generate passive income (while you sleep).

Specifically, with capsule hotels you could manage a high-end tourism enterprise, and the best thing is that you do not need extraordinary capital to achieve it.