Discover these 5 programs to create free newsletters

The fact of Having a newsletter allows us to strengthen contact with our customers. They will be up-to-date with the news we have, we can offer you offers and promotions or inform them of anything that interests them, and we will also guide them to the client’s taste.

In addition, it is a way of improving the image of your company, and its cost is low. So much, that even you can create your free newsletter, using one of the programs that we will discover below and that allow us to generate our newsletters for free.

Mail Relay

It is the favourite program for many bloggers or for those who start sending newsletters, and it offers us a lot of possibilities. Its free version allows us to include up to 15,000 subscribers and send 75,000 emails.

It has a template editor, WordPress integration and Google Analytics or the autoresponder function, it allows us do test A / B and one of its strengths is that it is completely in spanish, something not as usual as we might think since its developers are Spanish.


It does not offer us the same margin as Mail Relay in its free version, since for example it limits us to 5,000 emails per month, but it is a program that is also developed in Spain and that among other things offers us integration with WordPress -not with Google Analytics-, A / B test or the autoresponder function.

We can edit the templates, and it goes without saying that being developed here is fully compatible with both Spanish and community regulations in relation to subscriber data protection.


Another powerful program for users who take their first steps in the world of e-mail marketing It’s Doppler It is true that sOnly allow 500 subscribers, but sending emails is unlimited.

How could it be otherwise, it is compatible with Google Analytics, which offers us a better analysis of the communications we send; allows us to do A / B test and edit our templates or demographically segment users. If you have few subscribers, it is a good option.

Opt In

This program allows us to create a newsletter from scratch or improve the one we already have To make it more efficient, something that is always interesting.

After registering on your website, we will have to complete a form with the basic data, elements and strategies of our newsletter: what we want, what business model we follow, the profile of the audience (geographic, demographic, topics of interest). From there, Opt In is making proposals for us to finally configure the ideal newsletter for our target audiences.


It is a program that you should know, since it is one of the most popular in the world. You can have up to 2,000 users and send 12,000 free emails per month, in addition to the A / B tests and compatibility with WordPress or Google Analytics and the template editor. In addition, it offers excellent metrics reports.

However, the Spanish version has some small flaw. We have left it for last because after the cancellation of the American Safe Harbor There is some controversy over whether or not it complies with European data protection regulations.

As you could see, segmentation It is one of the most repeated concepts when analyzing these programs. As much as you use the most powerful program, whether it’s free like these, its premium versions or paid programs, If you don’t segment the newsletters and target them to the right audience, your efforts will be sterile. On the other hand, good use allows us to reach our target and, as we have seen, in exchange for a minimum economic investment.