Steps to sell your used car in the USA

We detail the essential steps to efficiently sell a used car.

Selling a used car is a process that requires some basic guidelines to be successful. Like any economic process, it is developed through a set of steps that should be obeyed to the rule.

On this occasion, we are going to present you and detail 7 steps to sell your used car so that you can benefit in the best possible way.

Have the correct documentation

This is what we say to have the papers “in order”. That is, make sure that all bureaucratic procedures are optimized. We refer to the papers that confirm or deny specific aspects of the car.

The buyer of a used car has to make sure that the transaction is carried out within the legal framework, so he has to demand that the papers that accredit him as a buyer are present, as well as the documents prior to his possession.


You can’t resell a car that shows very visible signs of wear and tear because, even though it was indeed used before, the idea of reselling it is to offer a product that still has a lot of utility to its next buyer.

Repair as much as you can repair on your budget, don’t think you can completely refurbish your vehicle and make it look brand new.

Market study

Find out the price at which cars equal to the one you want to resell have been resold in order to establish a reasonable offer that is adjusted to the market price, that is, one that is not too high than the average, but not significantly lower than it either.


Once you consider that you have studied the market and that the appearance of the vehicle is attractive, you can announce that you are reselling it.

Currently you can make this announcement by various means other than “word of mouth”; Newspapers, advertisements, web pages and social networks are some of the means with which you can massify your proposal.


Selling a used car is not a process whose success is immediate. You will realize that it will take some time to find the right person for your vehicle, who will buy it at the price you wanted or at one very similar to it.


Once you find the right person, you must firmly establish the initial terms of the contract in order that the price is not lowered by haggling tricks.

It is in this period that you have to be emphatic with those initial terms and solidify them, however, you must not act in such a way that you scare off the potential buyer.


When everything is agreed, the agreement that will end the resale must be both verbal and written. The bureaucratic paperwork is not an unnecessary formality, but a real requirement so that there are no inconveniences or illegalities in the process.