10 tips to get the best car insurance

When choosing the best Automobile Insurance, different factors must be taken into account to achieve adequate protection and not end up spending more money from the account. The insurance offer is very large and, frequently, we find promotions that, on occasion, lower the price of the policy at the cost of lowering the insurance coverage. But is that what really interests you?

The truth is that a good Car Insurance does not have to be expensive and should include the guarantees that the user needs to drive with peace of mind, knowing that the insurer can really help you in case of a problem.

Finding the best Car Insurance is not an easy task, so we are going to give you some tips that will help you make the best decision when it comes to insuring your vehicle and save!

1. Make a comparison of Car Insurance

To choose well, it is necessary to compare. That is why what must be done before making a decision and hiring a policy for the car is to make a good comparison between Auto Insurance of different insurers.

To do this, you can turn to our Car Insurance comparator, where you just have to leave the vehicle data and an advisor will carry out that comparison for you and will offer you a customized and tailored budget.

If you are looking for the best Car Insurance, this is the option we recommend.

But if you prefer to do it yourself, perhaps the best advice we can give you is not to be impressed by the great offers and promotions.

The price is not the only factor that must be taken into account when comparing Insurance , you must also look carefully at the guarantees offered and the price-quality ratio of the coverage offered.

2. If you are going to improve your Insurance, cancel the old policy

The decision to hire a better Car Insurance, often comes from not being satisfied with the current policy. Either for the price or for the service you have received from the insurer, it is common to change Insurance in search of better conditions.

If that’s your case, don’t forget to cancel your policy well in advance to save yourself problems. You should know that to cancel your policy you have to communicate it at least one month before the date on which it expires. This will prevent it from renewing automatically.

3. Choose the best Car Insurance, depending on the characteristics of the car

This advice seems obvious, but many people ignore it: You have to insure the car with a policy that suits your characteristics. Not all policies are the most recommended for all cars.

In this way, if we want to insure a high-end car or look for a new vehicle’s policy, the most advisable thing is to opt for All Risk Insurance.

Why, if it is much more expensive? Because the repairs that may arise will be quite expensive if you do them on your own and because if there is a total loss of the vehicle due to an accident, it is likely that the insurer will offer you compensation by valuing your car with new value.

For this reason, if you have an older car and you have the bad luck of having a serious accident, it is most likely not worth repairing. The passage through the workshop would be more expensive than the vehicle itself and the insurer can declare it total loss. In those cases, more basic insurance may be sufficient.

Depending on the characteristics of the car, one policy or another will be convenient. In general, Extended Third Party Insurance with the coverage that the client needs is the most contracted option.

4. Are you a good driver? Factors that influence the price of Insurance

Sometimes, getting or not getting the best Auto Insurance at an economical price depends more on the driver. Driving caution is something that insurers reward and that can mean an interesting reduction in the price of Insurance.

Insurance bonus and accident rate

In this way, the absence of accidents is a reason for the bonus bonus , which means that the lower the number of incidents, the greater the bonus in successive premiums.

If we want to change insurers while maintaining our bonuses for being good drivers, it is important to make sure that the company that is going to insure the vehicle takes this bonus into account.

Driver’s age

In addition to the accident rate, there are other personal factors that can be decisive when hiring a Car policy. For example, age can also influence the price, and even the insurer’s decision to accept car insurance.

In fact, having less than 25 years of age or having exceeded 65 increases the price of the Insurance or, even, can make the insurer refuse to insure us. It is something that you should keep in mind so as not to encounter unpleasant surprises.

5. Coverage: the key to getting the best Auto Insurance

A key element in choosing the best Auto Insurance is its coverage. Insurers offer the possibility to customize the policy and include and discard guarantees that may increase the price of the Insurance.

Think about your vehicle and how you use it to include only those coverages and services you really need.

However, it is advisable to include some coverage that, beyond the Mandatory Insurance, every car policy should have:

  1. Mandatory Civil Liability
  2. Voluntary Civil Liability
  3. Travel assistance
  4. Driver’s insurance
  5. Legal Defense

These are the most necessary coverages, but not the only ones. In our blog you will find a lot of information about the guarantees with which you can insure a car, although in this post we tell you what are the coverages that are most included in the Car Insurance policies.

For many vehicles the best Auto Insurance is an All Risk , the type of policy that offers the most protection. Ensuring a full-risk car is more expensive, but offers more guarantees and services to the insured.

In this sense, if we want to enjoy the coverage of an All Risk at a cheaper price, we have the option of hiring a franchise, which will allow us, in case of repair, to have the service covered with the payment of a fixed amount..

6. Don’t forget the car extras

Did you know that the extras and accessories of the car usually stay out of the insurance coverage? Many drivers do not take into account that when insuring your car it is necessary to include all the elements that do not come standard for our insurer to take care of them in case of accident.

Including car extras in the policy usually makes the price of Insurance more expensive. In fact, there are cases where Tailored Insurance is necessary, such as when we are going to insure a car tunning.

In any case, the extras may increase the premium, which is why many people do not want to include the car accessories in the contract. We must weigh whether it is worth it or not before including them; although if they are not included, they will not be covered.

7. The insurer’s offer: Is it the best Automobile Insurance that you can offer?

When requesting a quote to insure your car , the insurer will send you an offer, an insurance proposal that you must understand as a minimum:

  1. The identification of the owner, the usual driver and the policyholder.
  2. The identification of the vehicle, brand, model, characteristics of the vehicle and registration.
  3. The requested guarantees.
  4. The minimum coverage period.

If you have the advice of an insurance mediator , he will be the one to explain the details of the offer, and will help you decide between several options.

8. Insurance payment: are you interested in paying in installments?

One of the advantages offered by many insurers is the possibility of splitting the insurance payment. In cases where the policyholder has difficulty reaching the end of the month, this solution can be a great help in maintaining the guarantees and services you want.

But you have to be attentive, because in most cases paying for term insurance means an increase in the final price of the policy.

It is necessary to ask what increase is applied and think if it pays to pay that extra percentage in the price in exchange for paying the policy in two or three installments throughout the year.

9. You have to read the fine print well

In this of the Insurance, we will not get tired of repeating it: you have to read the fine print of the contract. Many times, the difference between a good Automobile Insurance and another that is not, is in the conditions of the policy.

There are exclusions, limitations, coverage that only cover up to a certain amount, services that are provided under certain conditions… In addition, it is convenient to know if the insurer applies surcharges of some kind and if there are penalties in case of intervening in several claims during the term of The policy.

The policies of each car insurer have their advantages and limitations, so you have to read everything carefully so you have very clear what it covers and what our Car Insurance does not cover before hiring it. This post about the Auto Insurance contract will give you the keys to better understand your policy.

10. Trust your Insurance broker: you will find the best Car Insurance for you

One way to get a good Car Insurance can be to put yourself in the hands of an insurance broker. In our brokerage we advise thousands of clients and help them insure their vehicles with the best policies and guarantees that they really need.

In addition, as we mediate Insurance of thousands of customers, we can get sensational prices, so that ensuring the car is cheaper.

But what is really an advantage is that an insurance broker can explain to you, clearly and in detail, each of the clauses of your policy, especially the small print that we talked about before, so that in case of accident you do not Wear no nasty surprises.