TOP 5 Best Hot Springs in California

In the USA, when the cold season arrives, a source of heat is the dream of many, who seek a warm place to warm their bodies and mitigate the action of winter. What better than opting for one of the many natural hot springs that exist in the country, especially in beautiful California. Very tempting right! Check out this Top 5 with the best options.

Indian Springs Resort and Spa

If you think that in California you can only find sunny beaches, vineyards, fashion and Hollywood glamor, it is because you have not experienced other alternatives. And the mineralized hot springs from natural geothermal sources have a lot to offer the visitor, starting with the beautiful Spa Indian Spring Resort.

It offers a historic hotel wrapped in olive groves, palm trees, rose bushes and herbs, located in the north of the Napa Valley, ideal for getting away from the urban bustle and submerging in its warm waters and enjoying the silence accompanied by the starry sky.

➜ It has one of the largest mineralized pools in all of California, with almost 2,000 Mts.

Its warm waters come from the region’s geysers, where you can stay until midnight if you wish. For those who seek more privacy and relaxation, Indian Sprint offers its delicious spa with massages and restorative treatments, where you cannot miss the energizing bath with volcanic ash mud.

Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa

For more refined tastes and lovers of good wine, there is nothing better than living a relaxing experience in the California wine region, where you can stay at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa.

➜ A luxurious inn that offers visitors the rich energy of its warm mineral pools.

In addition, they will be able to taste exquisite farm dishes, play golf like professionals in their Club. This wonderful proposal of the Top 5 hot springs awaits you in north San Francisco, just one hour from the city. Specialist in serving visitors with demanding tastes.

The emblematic Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa boasts 4 triple AAA diamonds, which guarantees first-class care and impeccable settings to satisfy exquisite and demanding lifestyles.

➜ The area is recognized for its native legends about the curative properties of its lands and thermal waters.

What better than to recall these beliefs and feel the energy that emanates from nature in these sacred outdoor spaces, wrapped in their native vegetation, such as the majestic sequoias and magnificent sunsets.


The Calistoga region has long been recognized for its bubbling natural hot springs and Napa Valley mountain climate.

Currently, however, other attractions have been added, as it is visited by lovers of wine, local gastronomy and physical and mental well-being.

From this wonderful traditional setting, Solage was born, reflecting the spirit of its hometown, capturing the attention of foreign visitors and neighboring viticulturists who come to its facilities after their days in the vineyards.

In general, everyone is looking for the same thing, a well-deserved relaxation in the company of a good wine or craft drink. If you are interested, visit their website and check schedules and availability.

Solage offers enjoyment for everyone, from those looking for discreet studio spaces with high ceilings and a cup of coffee, families with children who want to enjoy the warm pool, bicycles or spacious suites with private terraces.

It equally satisfies the most luxurious preferences, with massages and natural treatments, steam, hot or cold baths.

Calistoga Ranch

Although in California you can find plenty of luxury accommodations, rarely one like Calistoga Ranch, set out from the hustle and bustle, some 157 acres north of the majestic Napa Valley.

Ideal for renting private cabins and having romantic open-air showers, and obviously, enjoying its restorative spa and its delicious mineralized thermal pools with the healing waters of the deep Valley.

At Calistoga Ranch you can recharge your batteries with its nourishing outdoor mud baths and massage, work out in the gym, walk and swim in the private lake, bowl some balls, or float over the valley on a memorable hot air balloon ride.

Of course, you can not miss the option to taste delicious dishes with seasonal organic products, wine tasting and hiking, among much more.

The Springs Resort & Spa

In this latest Top 5 Hot Springs in California, the restorative waters of The Springs Resort & Spa, located between Palm Springs and the Joshua Tree sanctuary, stand out.

In this stay, visitors can enjoy the natural springs that the region offers, or opt for the fabulous pools of thermal waters that emanate from the depth of the earth and that the Resort captures for the visitor’s comfort.

➜ In general there are 3 wells or pools, the first one at about 170 degrees, which is then cooled to different temperatures in the following ones.

It is a true luxury to plunge into the rich hot mineral springs under the starry sky that the desert offers, or to relax in the shade of a palm tree.

Visitors are surely reborn in majestic nature by staying at The Spring and opting for the comfort of its warm pools, rejuvenating and purifying body treatments.

The healing properties of the Desert Hot Springs waters are internationally renowned, and are compared to Baden-Baden, for purity and therapeutic benefits. Without a doubt, a unique experience in the desert awaits you.

What do you think? If you plan to visit any of these beautiful and relaxing places, do not forget to tell us what your opinion was.