TOP 5 Best Hot Springs in California

In the USA, when the cold season arrives, a source of heat is the dream of many, who seek a warm place to warm their bodies and mitigate the action of winter. What better than opting for one of the many natural hot springs that exist in the country, especially in beautiful California. Very tempting … Read more

TOP 6 Best Hot Springs in Florida

The state of Florida is a paradisiacal places to visit, why? Its strategic location, climate, cultural diversity and, of course, it has the best terminal waters in the entire United States. Devil’s Den Spring At first glance it may not seem like a hot spring, however, it is one of the most popular because of … Read more

Mortgage simulator: calculate your mortgage payment

When applying for and signing a mortgage, it is important to take into account several issues : the main requirements to apply for it, the type of mortgage that best suits us or the cost that assuming a mortgage loan will entail for our pocket. For all this, it is essential to calculate the corresponding … Read more

Tips to understand the water bill

Are you one of those who only look at the total figure on the water bill ? Knowing the different rates that apply and learning how to consult the water bill will allow you to know what each amount of your bill is used for, detect the reason for possible increases and find ways to … Read more

Labor Day 2023: Which stores will be open in the US

Which stores will be open in the US

During Labor Day 2023, all government offices will be closed on Monday, September 5, but most retail stores will be open. This coming weekend, in the United States, Labor Day 2023 is celebrated, which means that the so-called Labor Day is just around the corner and as expected, some stores will decide to close their … Read more

What are 10 examples of culture?

Table of Contents What are 10 examples of culture? What are 2 examples of culture? What are 5 characteristics of culture? What are the six elements of culture? What are the 9 Elements of culture? What are the 5 types of culture? What is cultural identity example? What is cultural identity issues? What is personal … Read more

40 examples of inductive and deductive arguments

Inductive and deductive arguments are two types of reasoning that allow us to reach conclusions from a premise. The premises of inductive arguments identify repeated patterns in a sample of a population and from there general conclusions are inferred for the entire population. Such conclusions are always considered probable. In deductive arguments, on the other … Read more

Types of Legends

A legend is a story that narrates events of doubtful veracity, located in a real space and time, which is transmitted orally. It is a diverse genre, present in most cultures and its classification depends on the place where it originates and the theme it addresses. Here we explain the types of legend that exist. … Read more

Comparative Chart

The comparison chart is a graphic tool that is used to compare two or more elements in an organized way. It allows us to link and establish the characteristics, differences or similarities that exist between two or more concepts, phenomena or research topics. It is characterized by allowing an organized reading of the information, since … Read more

Historic context

What is a historical context? The historical context is the set of circumstances in history in which an event occurs, so that they exert some kind of influence on it. It is also known as a historical framework or historical referential framework. All human things occur within a historical context, whether we speak of revolutions, … Read more

Empirical method

What is the empirical method? The empirical method is a research model that aims to obtain knowledge from the observation of reality. Therefore, it is based on experience. In this model, the observation of reality is the starting point for formulating hypotheses, which must be tested through experimentation. All research based on the empirical method … Read more

Raw material

What is the raw material? Raw material is any material that is extracted from nature and that, after going through a transformation process, is used to produce consumer goods, products or energy. There are different types of raw materials that are classified based on their origin (animal, vegetable, fossil, mineral) or their origin (renewable or … Read more

Changes of State of Matter

What are the changes of state of matter? Changes in the state of matter refer to the transformations that matter undergoes from one state to another without changing its composition. These changes occur when pressure and / or temperature vary. On Earth, solid, liquid, gaseous and plasmatic states naturally manifest themselves. The changes of state … Read more

Gregorian Calendar

What is the Gregorian calendar? The Gregorian calendar is the time division system currently used in the West. It was promoted by Pope Gregory XIII and implemented in 1582 in Europe. This calendar was created to correct the inaccuracy of the Julian calendar, which was created in 46 BC. C by Emperor Julius Caesar and … Read more


What was the Glasnost? Glasnost was a political reform applied in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Its objective was to generate internal, free and open discussions among citizens on political and social issues. The Russian word Glasnost translates as “openness” or “transparency.” The Glasnost was a political proposal made by the political leader … Read more

Background of a project

What is the background of a project? The antecedents of a project, also known as antecedents of the investigation or antecedents of a problem, are all the works previously carried out on the subject to be investigated and that provide relevant information for our work. The antecedents serve to know the points of view of … Read more

Spanish Civil War

What is the Spanish Civil War? The Spanish civil war was a warlike conflict developed in Spain from July 18, 1936 to April 1, 1939 between the republican side and the rebellious or national side. It was the result of a long process of political, economic and social instability during the Second Spanish Republic. The … Read more

Karl Marx

Who was Karl Marx? Karl Heinrich Marx, or Carlos Enrique Marx, was a 19th century German philosopher, whose thought, on the political, social and economic sphere, has transcended and influenced numerous historical events of the 20th century. He is considered a revolutionary activist for his criticism of the capitalist system and the social inequality it … Read more

Causes and consequences of water pollution

Water pollution, or water pollution, is the alteration of the composition of the water or its natural state. This alteration is caused by harmful agents that make the water unfit for consumption or use. Causes of the contamination of the water The causes of water pollution can be of natural origin, due to the presence … Read more