5 treatments for people suffering from foot fungus

The fungi are infections that arise in the dead tissue of the skin, nails and hair. They grow in humid and warm environments, but there are factors that predispose the appearance of fungi, such as closed shoes, showers or swimming pools. To improve this annoying condition on your feet, we present the best 5 options to cure the fungus on your feet definitely.

1. FineVine Organics: Antifungal Balm

It is a safe, natural and powerful antifungal balm that helps you promote the health of your skin. It is ideal to relieve fungal infections, fight the symptoms of ringworm, eczema, foot and athlete’s skin.

This ointment relieves itching and inflammation of the affected area of ​​your foot. It is made with tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil and more. It is also anti microbes and antiseptic.

2. Purely Northwest: Fungus Soap

Extra strong formula enriched with a wide range of powerful essential oils and botanicals to heal your skin. Impregnated with tea tree oil and four additional essential oils.

Eliminates harmful bacteria, fungi and microbes from the surface of the skin and prevents athlete’s foot, nail fungus and other skin irritations. Offers relief to nourish, soothe and heal inflamed skin.

3. Equate: Athlete’s Foot Cream

This cream relieves the symptoms of athlete’s foot, ringworm and ringworm. Its formula is designed for external use only and it is estimated to have results after two weeks of applying the cream.

The composition of this antifungal cream is formulated with 1% terbinafine hydrochloride. Relieve itching and burning in your feet, its presentation comes in a package of two creams.

4. Lotrimin: Cream with clotrimazole

This athlete’s foot cream contains 1% Chlorotrimazole, which cures fungus and infections in your feet. It helps you relieve the irritation, burning, peeling and discomfort caused by these bacteria.

Its formula is free of grease, odors and does not stain. It provides you with effective relief of symptoms, offers a sense of relief and is easy and relaxing. Its effectiveness is clinically proven.

5. Kerasal Nail Treatment

Use a unique blend of ingredients to soothe, soften and renew fungal damaged nails. Its formula combines the keratolytic, softening and moisturizing effects of propylene glycol, urea and lactic acid to penetrate deep into the nail.

You can easily and quickly renew the appearance of your nails without filing. It is applied once a day on your nail and even underneath, let it dry for a few minutes and that’s it. The treatment gives you the healthy appearance of your nails.