Types of Web Browser

The most used browsers are those that are easy to use, and also have great speed.

But what is a browser? It is a specific program that allows you to access and browse the Internet to view pages, documents, among other files, thanks to the previous interpretation that you make of these.

The first browser dates back to 1990 and was developed by Tim Berners-Lee. Its name was World Wide Web, and its operation was limited only to Next stations. As a result of that date, different browsers emerged with greater and better functionalities such as: Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla, Safari or Google Chrome.

The most used browsers

These are the most used browsers:

  • Google Chrome. Without a doubt, one of the most used browsers for its speed and usability. Its creator, Google, has printed details that make it more and more useful. It allows the option of privacy in some of its actions, add bookmarks, extensions, free plugins. Endless functionalities that are constantly updated.
  • Mozilla Firefox. It occupies a second place on the podium of the most used browsers after Google Chrome. It is compatible with Windows, Android, OSX, iOS. Mozilla stands out for allowing the user to browse privately, preventing it from being tracked, and with the option of a powerful antivirus that blocks pop-up windows. In addition, as a novelty it allows you to work without being connected to the internet, but with the possibility of synchronizing all the devices you have.
  • Opera. Another widely used browser, whose outstanding feature is the speed it prints. It blocks intrusive advertising at any time, and it has a very powerful security protocol. It includes a download manager, an extra that makes it a secure and very complete browser.
  • Safari. This browser can be integrated into MAC OS x, in addition to having executable versions whose property is Microsoft Windows. Among its most outstanding features are the following: it allows users to organize tabs, it has a spell checker to facilitate typing and avoid errors when writing, it blocks pop-up windows, it is very rigorous in terms of managing passwords and security, and also adds a player for multimedia files. Many users highlight it and elevate it to third place among the most outstanding browsers on the market.
  • Hummingbird. It may be one of the least known, but it does not stop being used by all those who want to navigate the entire screen. This is one of the novelties that this browser allows. It is compatible with MAC, Windows and Linux, which makes it an option to consider.
  • Microsoft Edge. The successor to the famous Internet Explorer. It is already determined by Windows, and the goal of Microsoft was to give it more speed and usability as a result of Windows 10.
  • Torch. The preferred browser for video fans. It is used to download the most outstanding videos of music fans. Includes a player, and a selection of games as an added bonus. It stands out for its speed when downloading files and its usability.

Knowing the different types of browsers as well as their incompatibilities is essential when developing a web page. Not all users of a website visit the page with the same browser that the creators use. Taking this into account is vital to prevent users from leaving the web because it cannot be viewed correctly.