Values ​​of a company – Definition, what it is and concept

The values ​​of a company are the principles that govern its mission, vision and commitment to its customers.

One of the statements made by companies, in addition to their mission and view, are their values. These are based on the company’s reason for being and its objectives. For example, one of Coca Cola’s values ​​is “Quality: what we do, we do it well.” This value is real and consistent with what they do, as they have led the fantasy beverage industry for years.

Importance of values

Certainly, values ​​are not a requirement requested to start a company, but it is a voluntary ethical commitment by which organizations are inspired when thinking about their customers and in their surroundings.

It is precisely the values ​​that differentiate the actions of organizations, with respect to their regulatory legal framework. That is, values ​​are more than doing what the law allows. It is to commit to contributing to society from its commercial and organizational role.

The practice of values

It is important that the values ​​are always present in the strategies and actions of the companies. That is why, by For example, in job publications, in addition to the required technical profile, Applicants are requested to commune with certain principles. Those are the same ones that the company proclaims and that it wants to maintain through its workers.

“Vocation for public service” is a value requested by government  institutions in an effort to provide citizens with the best care and solutions in the public and social spheres.

Declaration of values

To formulate a declaration of values ​​is You need to ask yourself some questions, such as:

  • Who will we benefit from with our value proposal?
  • Why are we doing it?
  • Why do we want them to trust us?
  • What value are we not willing to traverse?

These are some of the questions that will help formulate the first lines of what will be a blunt statement of values, consistent with the requirements of customers and society.

It is important to know that companies, such as business units are development agents in the territories, so, everything they do has an impact and that implies a responsibility that It must be accompanied by a value. For example, that of transparency in the actions and intentions of the company to achieve its objectives. Well, it doesn’t same reach them with  responsibility, than to do it with a social cost important.